Google Announces Changes to Product Listing Ads – Showcase Ads & Trueview

Google has announced large changes to Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and these are being rolled out to benefit businesses using shopping campaigns, during July. Showcase Shopping Ads allow visitors to browse collections of products from online and local retailers.

In addition to these changes, TrueView will offer more advertising opportunities and an automatic currency conversion tool has been added, to show the prices of products in their original currency and in the currency of the visitor’s location.


Showcase Shopping Ads

Animated GIF showing Showcase Shopping ads - premium beta

Showcase Shopping ads – premium beta | Source:

Showcase Shopping Ads will use a new ad format for broad search terms that are not brand specific. According to Google, these broad search terms account for forty percent of all product queries made, using its search engine.


Prior to the update, search results showed individual products, but they will now show Showcase Shopping Ads. These ads appear in a scroll-able/swipe-able carousel, with main images and secondary images, related to the broad search term.


The space within the ad has been reserved for showing the advertiser’s location or a promotional message. Upon an ad being clicked, the user will see a page hosted by Google, which is populated with products from the retailer’s ad.


A big advantage and cost saving for online businesses is that charging only happens when a user clicks on a product shown of the Google-hosted web page. This then results in the consumer being forwarded to the retailer’s web page.


This means that a charge isn’t generated when the visitor clicks on the Showcase Shopping Ad shown in the SERPs results.


True View Shopping Video


TrustView will give online retailers better opportunities for showing off and using their branding. The clearer branding that is being rolled out includes a banner and carousel of products, which can be viewed while video content is being run.

A product picker is also being added at the back end to give advertisers the opportunity to prioritise individual products.


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