How Businesses Can Benefit from the Rise of Video Ads on Social Media

Businesses can benefit from the rise of video ads on social networks and this should form part of any social marketing strategy that is put in place during 2016. Ignoring video ads on social now, may well see your business fall behind your competitors, who are taking advantage of one of the biggest shifts in advertising, since the introduction of TV ads and internet advertising.


Why businesses need to use video ads on social

2016 is seeing advertising spend move away from TV and into internet video. Major marketing companies are moving the spend of their clients to internet video and your business needs to follow this trend. Facebook introduced auto-play video advertising in 2014 and since then, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram have followed along the same path.


According to a variety of statistical sources, nearly two-thirds of businesses will use video marketers in the next 6 months and of the businesses that are already using video marketing, more than 70% have used Google’s YouTube platform and almost half have used video ads on Facebook.


Video ads on social offer businesses huge advantages, as they are able to reach an unlimited number of people, who can view conferences, product releases and online Q&A sessions.


The statistics of video ads on social make interesting reading:

  • Almost 70% of all social media advertising revenue in 2016 is expected to be spent with Facebook
  • Facebook’s news feed is expected to be all video in 5 years time
  • Facebook announced that In November 2015 that 8 billion video views took place each day
  • Snapchat announced that in April 2016 that 10 billion video views took place each day
  • Of young adults, 85% watch YouTube videos, followed by 53% on Facebook, 37% on Instagram, 33% on Snapchat and 19% on Twitter


How to benefit from video ads on social

Video ads on social can benefit businesses in a number of ways. Facebook’s Live Video can be used to build a community of subscribers and sell products. Businesses can connect with younger viewers and build loyalty through Snapchat.


Businesses should carefully consider video based thumbnails and titles, in order to win the click. They can also consider building relationships with video influencers and find out their worth, on sites such as


All businesses should get familiar with Video Analytics and understand that video views are logged instantly on Snapchat, while on Facebook, video views are only logged if the video is played for more than 3 seconds.


Businesses can also use Remarketing Audiences in AdWords to target previous website visitors, mobile app users and previous YouTube viewers. UK businesses should also get ready to take advantage of YouTube’s Google Preferred Breakout Videos ad package, which recently launched in the US, giving brands access to the hottest fast-rising videos on YouTube.


Pinterest Promoted Video for Brands

Pinterest Promoted Video for Brands


In August 2016, Pinterest launched Promoted Video for brands, which is only available on mobile devices. Over the last year, Pinterest has seen a 60% increase in videos and video ads can last for up to 5 minutes.


Pinterest has a keen focus on ecommerce and has 100 million visitors each month. Of these users, 55% use Pinterest to shop for products, while only 12% of people who view other social media platforms, use them as a source for ecommerce.


Unlike Facebook’s auto-play videos, Pinterest videos are shown as an animated teaser. Promoted Video has been tied to Featured Pins that show under the video, so that viewers can experience a business’s brand, and then click to do more with the business’s products and services.


This gives businesses better insights, with statistics showing the impression numbers for the teaser, teaser Pin clicks and full video views, as well as showing how many clicks the Featured Pin, under the video, has received.


Do you need help with Video Ads on Social?

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