How to Monitor Clicks & Impressions with Property Sets in Google’s Search Console

Analysing the performance of individual websites is straightforward enough, but for most business owners, the picture becomes less clear when multiple websites are in use.


The solution to grasping an overview of the overwhelming amount of analytic data that can be created, by running multiple websites, has been provided by Google and its Property Sets concept. Property Sets allow allow a business to track the combined search visibility of desktop websites, mobile websites and mobile apps.


Property Sets have been added to Google’s Search Console and here bundled websites and apps, for monitoring purposes, can be viewed as a single group. Businesses who set up Property Sets can see the aggregated impressions in search and overall clicks.


How to Create a Property Set

Example Property Set Google Search Console 

In order to create a property set, businesses need to visit the Google Search Console. From here website owners can begin by either choosing ‘Add a property’, or if properties are already listed, by choosing ‘Create a set’.


In order to add interested properties when creating a Property Set , businesses need to give the set a name and then, under ‘Members in set’, use the drop down box to select the desktop websites, mobile websites or mobile apps, that they wish to be included in that particular Property Set.


How to Monitor Clicks and Impressions

When the Google Search Console page is revisited, the new Property Set will be listed. The business owner needs only to click on the Property Set to view its Search Analytics. After the initial creation of a Property Set, the collected data becomes visible after a few days. 

After the initial first few days, the Search Analytics will give new insights, to profit upon. Property Sets will be of particular interest to business who are looking to gain insights into their international websites, their different departments or brands, or a mix of HTTP and HTTPS sites.


Essential Information Businesses need to know about Google Property Sets

Property Sets can be used to group up to 200 properties and these can be mixed and matched to create a number of Property Sets, using any mix of verified properties. Property Sets themselves however, cannot be added as a property to other Property Sets. 

The business user must be at least a verified restricted user or above, on all Property Set members, in order to view the Search Analytics. Created sets can have only one owner and no users, so each individual user will need to set up their own Property Sets.


If a member of the Property Set becomes unverified, then the entire property set becomes inaccessible. Data is still collected on the Property Set even if the owner becomes unverified, but if a Property Set is deleted, then the data is permanently deleted as well.


Need Help Setting Up, Monitoring or Interpreting the Data Produced by Property Sets?

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