How to Write Great Web Content for Your Business

Writing great web content for your business is one the most important things that you can do. The content that you write is an ambassador for your business and if you don’t create error-free and engaging content, then your website visitors will not trust your business.

Your competitors know this too, as demonstrated by the 63 million posts that were created in August 2016, using WordPress or its Jetpack plugin. So, with so many people writing content, it is essential that you write great web content that stands out.


Web Writing Basics

The content you write must flow and follow best web writing practices. When writing you should avoid common mistakes such as the comma splice and run-on sentence.


  • Comma Splice – This happens when a comma is used to join two independent clauses (complete sentences). This is best shown with an example; ‘It’s nearly half past six, we cannot get home before it is dark’.
  • Run-on Sentence – This happens when two or more independent clauses are joined together, without punctuation or conjunction; ‘It’s nearly half past six we cannot get home before it is dark’.


When uncertainty about capitalisation, spelling or grammar kicks in, it is best to simply Google it.


Be a Researcher

If you want to write good web content for business, then it is essential to become a researcher. Content that is well researched, informative and full of detail will get shared more.

In a nutshell, preparation is the key and writing is the easy part.

However, it is important to understand that quantity isn’t quality. Constantly creating new content for your business’s website is only good if that content is in-depth and avoids needless repetition. In many cases it is better to strengthen existing content.


Write for Humans

It is important to remember that the content that your write is for humans. This means that the content needs to be digestible and you can check this by reading back the content you have written.

Blog posts and articles need to engage the reader and where appropriate this can be achieved by including personal elements or by using humour, wit or clever references.

If you want to write good web content then it is also important to keep the reading level low. Using fancy vocabulary or using three words where one would suffice, turns off readers and is a negative factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.


Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is key if you intend to engage them. You should consider who you are writing for and why. Google Analytics can help you to hone your skills by giving you a deeper understanding of the people interacting with your brand online.

Social media can be used to give your business a voice with existing customers, new customers and soon-to-be customers. Sharing posts and seeing how they perform on social media will give you an insight into the future writing you should do.


Use Good SEO basics

Using good SEO basics will not only help your business perform better in SERPs but will also help your content catch the eye of potential readers.

You should apply proper headings and subheadings, tag images correctly and write an eye-catching meta description. While you need to understand what keywords to focus on, it is also important to include them naturally. In short, it is not wise to write a sentence simply so that you can include a keyword or phrase.

SEO is a constantly changing beast so remember to adopt beneficial changes and don’t be resistant to change.


Do You Need help Creating Great Web Content?

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