October 2016 – Winter Holiday Prep – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

October 2016 – Move Ahead During the Winter Holidays

Consumers seem to live by the saying “The early bird gets the worm”. It’s only October, but they’re already starting to think about their winter holidays. Searches for skiing begin as early as three months before the ski season, and brands are a popular thing. On Google, 58% of winter travel searches are for specific companies or brands.


Move Ahead with Google Analytics


  • 54% of people come across brands through online search.
  • 90% of clicks on search advertisements come from new customers.


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What to do:

  • Set Goals – Make sure to keep track of your conversions and set goals based on your currents rates, use this data to see what is working in your favour and aim to increase conversion rates slowly but surely.
  • Use Custom Alerts – Set the alert to inform you whenever traffic falls or rises dramatically, if you recently updated a page and it sees a boost in traffic, try to implement the successful change where applicable, if the edited page sees dramatic drops in traffic, try to undo the changes and steer clear of using those changes in the future.


Looking for Business Opportunities


  • Cookie Recipes – Cookie recipe searches are about to become very popular, 25% of all their searches happen in December.
  • Auto Parts & Services – 2 out of 3 drivers are looking to prepare their vehicle for winter before November, this search peaks during October and November.
  • Cruises – Search density for cruises spike in January, October is a good time to start preparing for this.


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