February 2017 – Race Ahead to Easter – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Race Ahead to Easter

Shoppers start searching for Easter items as early as mid-February. Last year, the average family spend on sweets, clothes and other Easter goodies was 12% higher online than in stores. Mixing online and offline, searches for opening hours increase 1800% as the big weekend gets close.


Go Further with YouTube

  • 70% of consumers make video part of their shopping experience – 40% agree brand videos influence their decisions.
  • 41% of YouTube users tak action after seeing an advert. This is done by clicking, visiting a wesbite or making a purchase.


How to Perform

  • Be mobile ready – Mobile searches rise from an average of 22% to 38% just before Easter. So increase your mobile bids and move on to purchase messages 4-8 days ahead of the big day.
  • Amplify you video content – Use display and TrueView ads targeted by interest categories to get people seeing your content. Think “Foodies”, “Cooking Enthusiasts” or “Home Decor”.
  • Do DIY – Reach home-loving consumers with DIY videos. Baking, decorating and entertainment are also strong performers.


Look for Business Opportunities

  • Chocolate is getting more love than ever. Regardelss of device, searches for chocolate went up 43% between April 2013 and April 2014 – mobile queries grew 88%.
  • Trips and holidays are also part of the story – 47% of customers said they look into them at Easter.




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