March 2017 – Spring is all about DIY – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Spring is all about DIY

Spring is all about putting in time and making improvements. That goes for people’s homes, as well as your business. 20% of shoppers plan to fix up their space over the season. With so much going on, make sure you’re clued up on all things DIY.


Go further with Attribution and Measurement:

  • 63% of people go online to research products and activities – 18% of that research is on mobile.
  • 38% of shoppers like to look online then buy in-store.


How to Perform:

  • Track Customers – Don’t just track transactions. Measure long-term customer value, not revenue. See which channels your best customers are coming from.
  • Attribute Value Across Channels – Keep your eyes on a variety of marketing touchpoints to gather insights and turn them into opportunities.
  • Keep Experinenting – Discover which channels are working for you. Measure as you go, to prove the step-by-step impact of your marketing spend.


Look for Business Opportunities:

  • Tools and Hardware – Swing into focus at this time of the year – 66% of people who plan to do up their spaces during the spring season go online to look for them.




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