April 2017 – Get in the Holiday Mood – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Get in the Holiday Mood

As summer approaches, shoppers will begin to think about getting away on their holidays.  Approx. 89% of people who fly away for their summer travels like to research destinations online before they purchase a holiday break. Approx. 65% of business of business customers also buy online with others opting to deal with in-store travel agents or business travel companies.


Use Remarketing

  • Clients who switched from static remarketing to dynamic remarketing saw their conversion rates grow by up to 2 times!
  • When people switched they also saw their CPA rates fall by up to 60% .



How to Perform:

  • Think beyond just CPA – It is important that you craft dynamic creatives which are inspire by real-time data in order to connect with your potential customers.
  • Keep things simple – It’s important that you focus on creativity as well as results.  Remove any form of complexity in your ads.
  • Review your tags – Remember to check the data for the products your customers have viewed.


Look for Business Opportunities

  • Suncare products increase during the summer months.  Terms such as ‘suntan’, ‘sunburn’ and ‘sunscreen’ see rises during this holiday period.
  • Stay at home holiday goers should also be considered. So remember to trial home nation campaigns.
  • Waterproof mascara also sees peaks during the holiday season.



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