May 2017 – Impress People with Entertainment – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Impress People with Entertainment


People really love being entertained, especially when it gets warmer. During this time they like to have fun and go to shows in their local areas.  If they are well informed then 30% are likely to buy tickets for events. 46% of filmgoers usually research films online before buying tickets. Amongst those 60% of researchers will by their event tickets in this manner.


Make sure your event promotion is Mobile Lead

  • 56% of searches for film tickets happen on mobiles.
  • 41% is the growth of searches done on mobile for film showtimes.


How to improve performance:

  • Always Remember Mobile Search Times – that 8 our of 10 mobile searches will happen at home or at work. However approximately only half will happen during work hours.
  • Make sure you’re purpose driven – 41 % of people searching on mobile phones are goal-driven. Approximately 2 out of 3 are motivated by speed,  convenience or urgency – 28% of those lead
  • Prepare for speed – Over 75% of mobile conversions happen within one our of people making a search.


Look for business opportunities:

  • Sporting event tickets continue to be popular – searches for sporting event tickets increased 32% from 2012 to 2014



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