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Perfect your Ads for Last-Minute Travel

Once June finally arrives, many people consider a last-minute holiday or weekend break before the season is over.  In order to book their holiday, most people will normally go online to find the perfect destination. It’s estimated that over 30% of travellers also book their last-minute trips from a mobile/tablet device.


Remember to use Google Analytics

76% of SMEs report that using Google Analytics to visualise their data makes it easier to understand the data and to convert it into useful business insights.


How to improve performance:

  • Remember to focus on trends – Trends are the most important data points. Especially when they change course either negatively or positively. It’s important to understand why trends change or remain the same as well.
  • Remember to compare time ranges – Compare year-on-year, month-on-month or week-on-week stats. However you do it, remember that you take care to ensure that date ranges are comparable. This will lead to performance insights so you know if your current date range is performing worse or better than previous ones.
  • Look out for strong relationships – Look out for the connections between different variables. Remember to keep an eye on data correlations and dependencies too.


Look for business opportunities

  • Baggage – the amount of search tends  in July and August – 2014 had a rise of baggage searches to 7.53% compared to 2013.
  • Music Festivals – These are becoming increasingly popular year-on-year. They normally reach their heights in June. In June 2015 the interest levels rose to 5.97%.



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