July 2017 – Boost Your Ads in Time for Back To School – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Boost your Ads in Time for Back to School

Children are busy packing their rucksacks and heading back to school and parents are there to help them get ready for the new school year.

65% of online users usually plan to buy stationary, school uniforms, shoes and many other products later in July.  The amount of ‘Back To School’ search terms grew by about 19% in 2015. This figure is expected to continue to rise as more people shop online for convenience and to save money.


Remember to utilise YouTube

  • 21% is the figure by which YouTube advertising was expected to grow year-on-year until 2019.
  • 66% of people who order beauty products report that YouTube helps them qualify their purchase because they can visualise the end result.


How to Improve Performance

  • Be clear on what you mean by ‘going viral’ – Work out what ‘going viral’ means to your company and your brand.  Decide how you want to measure success and what your goals are.
  • Make user experience a Priority – Review all your advert creatives and even your website layout and design.  Remember to check these on all devices including using different smartphones, speakers and headphone devices. If it is terrible on a popular device then be sure that your users wouldn’t watch your video advertising for long before turning off.
  • Get Talking – Remember that conversation leads to engagement and improves brand perception (when positive).  We recommend that YouTube comments are left active so that you can communicate with viewers. Also consider every commenter a potential customer, so treat them with respect and try and answer any questions they have, no matter how irrelevant they might seem.


Keep an eye out for business opportunities

  1. Pillows and throws – saw increases of up to 20% in August 2014. This is though to be attributed to students looking to update and decorate their university rooms.
  2. PE kits and gym equipment – kit queries reached a peak in August 2014 thanks to children getting ready for school.
  3. Electrical and homewear – these saw increases of up to 20% in August 2014 as students were heading back to university.



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