The Best Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website

Any Digital Marketers dream is to get more traffic to theirs or their client’s website, therefore increasing the conversion rate leading to sales. Many business’ want more visitors to their website; however, they aren’t sure how to go about it. Here is a guide on how to drive more traffic to your website and get those crucial conversions that all business owners want. There are many in this list that are completely free!


On Page SEO

Optimising your website for the top search engines is crucial in gaining traffic. When users search for a specific term it is proven that they click on one of the top five search results that the search engine shows. SEO is a slow-moving beast, however it’s an effective way of sending traffic to the website. There are many different components that are involved in SEO including on page content, link building, meta descriptions and alt tags. Improving your SEO can help increase the organic traffic going through the website.


Social Media is Important!

People often overlook social media as a traffic source. We have had many clients describe it as a place for pretty pictures. However, they’re wrong! One of the most effective ways to drive free traffic to your website is through social media. One great way of driving traffic is through Twitter. The social media platform is fast-moving where you can post links to get people to click through and onto the website. Whereas with Instagram you have to add your link into the bio of your profile page, this can prove difficult in converting your followers. If you think you have cracked the free offering on social media, you can then try paid advertisement on the platforms. This will automatically increase the amount of traffic heading to the website and a relatively inexpensive compared to Google Ads.



Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

Another overlooked digital marketing technique is email marketing. It is a free way to send your subscribers the latest information, news and offers. The hard bit is getting your subscribers, often successful businesses promote their newsletter from their social channels. Social Media & Email Marketing should work in tandem and compliment each other well in terms of cross channel posting. Try not to bombard your subscribers with too many emails, this can have a detrimental effect on subscriber rates and make many people unsubscribe from your emails. A periodic reminder about your services and new products will most definitely have a positive influence on levels of traffic.


Guest Blog Posts

Link Building in another way you can possibly drive traffic to your website, especially creating blog posts and outreaching to high reputable website. Some useful information in your guest blog post can result in users clicking through onto the website. The key to guest blogging is ensuring that the website is relevant to your business and that has a high traffic going to their website. Guest blogging doesn’t only have an influence on traffic it helps grow your brand into a more respected business. This is an important aspect of SEO that shouldn’t be ignored.


Ensure that your Website is Responsive

It is a proven fact that more people use their mobile phone to search on the internet more than using their desktop. Making sure that the website is responsive for mobile use is crucial. Many users will click off the website if it isn’t mobile reactive. Modern web developers main focus is mobile responsive websites because so many more people search on their mobile compared to desktop. Even if your website is very basic, you still need to make the website accessible for all users.

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