Using Video Conferencing in Your Business

During the pandemic, the rise of video conferencing has been immense! Breaking barriers and being able to communicate without travelling long distances. We are living in a world surrounded by advanced technology with software being capable of running faster and completing multiple tasks at once. These have been implemented into business systems which streamlines everyday tasks within the office.

What is Video Conferencing?

A video conference is an online meeting that takes place over the internet. Video conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom which have been very popular options over the pandemic period. Video conferencing can be done on mobile devices and computers with an embedded webcam.

Key benefits:

  • Video technology enables online conferencing to maintain the visual connection with other people.
  • Users in different locations can communicate. 
  • Reliable alternative unless your data connection is slow.
  • Can be accessed on various devices.

How does Video Conferencing Work?

Video technology offers a large advantage over teleconferencing as this allows users to see each other through the internet. It’s important to note that video conferencing will depend on your internet connectivity. Overall, this method of communication can help to develop stronger relationships with clients, without needing to be physically present.

Some businesses have implemented specific rooms for video conferences, fitted with high end cameras and microphones to ensure clear quality video conferencing. Video conferences can be used on various electronic devices such as a smartphone, laptop, or desktop as long as there is a webcam.

Video Conference Uses

Video conferencing can be used in various ways to communicate ideas across a platform to multiple people in different locations. Businesses with numerous offices will use video conferencing to establish a direct video communication to allow teams to collaborate more effectively.

Additionally, this can be used effectively by managers to inform their employees of their progress and conduct effective training. Regular meetings can also be conducted with shareholders to discuss latest activities at the company or maybe announce specific changes within the business.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Digital Workforce

Utilizing video conferencing in your business will be beneficial for your company as the time and costs spent on travelling long distances to a meeting can be saved. Video conferencing allows you to be in the comfort of your office while being able to communicate with clients.

Furthermore, video conferencing enables collaborative meetings within your business. This is the foundation for a digital workforce which has become more common in companies. Video conferencing helps to maintain a team and the human connection through digital means, effectively speeding up communication and improving the ability to collaborate worldwide.

Management and Usability

Colleagues using video conferencing would benefit from the collaborative solutions that allow them to use various features to communicate, such as screen sharing to share their screen with multiple people. Also, real-time messaging and audio conferencing will be available to use in the meeting to effectively communicate with each other.

Increase Communication and Value

Video conferencing provides a fast and secure way to communicate with your colleagues through your mobile device or laptop. Over time, video will become a critical business function in supporting businesses to effectively collaborate and communicate.

Companies are starting to find more value in full video conferencing solutions, such as audio conferencing, screen sharing, online chat, meeting recording and event live streaming. Business owners can conduct interviews, online meetings with employees and clients which makes it more convenient for everyone.

Why is Video Conferencing Important?

Video conferencing is a very important part of business and client communication since the pandemic started. This has become a necessity using cloud-based video software which provides a cost-effective solution and the flexibility to meet communication requirements. Using a cloud-based software comes with great benefits but there are also risks of information being compromised if the correct procedures aren’t put in place.

During the pandemic, businesses would need to keep in contact with their clients and adapt to the circumstances to complete tasks as normal. Educational institutions such as colleges and universities have adapted the idea of using video conferencing technology to invite students to remote classes, this transformation offers great flexibility for students and teachers.

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