Announcing Your Reopening – A Checklist for Your Digital Assets

As we seem to be nearing the end of lockdown and are still on track for the complete re-opening from June 21st, it is important that businesses use this time to take advantage of their digital assets. There really is no better time for doing this than alongside the re-opening of your business. This is because with a good enough marketing strategy, you will be able to promote and create demand for your business. Below, we have created a useful checklist for optimising your digital assets.


Image of a business open sign.

Website Banners

This digital asset will draw the eyes of customers and clients to certain parts of your website, your banner should stand out with a contrasting colour to the rest of your homepage to give it the best chance of being seen and read. The banner could contain key dates for the re-opening of your business and also highlight certain products and services that you may want to promote to your customers. They may contain clickable links that would take the customer to the desired area of your website.


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Social Media

Using the digital asset of social media to announce the re-opening of your business is a no brainer. Creating posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will allow you to reach a large number of people and engage with clients online. You could create polls on Twitter to gauge what people do and do not want from your business. You can promote the re-opening date on several social posts, this will remind your clients of the date and keep it fresh in their memories so that they will visit your website and engage with your business services. Creating a YouTube channel may also be beneficial to your business, you could create videos that showcase your products and services as well as personal ‘Meet the Team’ type videos to engage with your audience.


Image of a shopping bag with discounts.

Exclusive Offers

As lockdown has caused the loss of many jobs, expensive services aren’t exactly the biggest appeal! You could try and promote exclusive offers online, through emails or on multiple social media platforms to your customers in order to increase engagement with your business. You could link these offers to sign up fees and purchases from your website meaning that once someone has used this offer, they will still be connected to your business and could become a recurring customer.

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Email Marketing

To reach out to more clients and businesses you may want to try out the digital asset of email marketing. Leaving professional emails in clients inboxes will also inform them of key dates and promotions of your business services. A lot of people still don’t use social media and so with email marketing, you will be able to expand your demographic for your services and promote them to a greater amount of people.


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