The Importance of Embracing Social Media for Businesses

With the inception of Facebook in 2004, nobody would have believed that it would develop into what it has become today. 17 years and 2.85 billion active users later, it has eclipsed what anyone thought possible becoming the largest social platform and the third most searched term trailing only to Google and YouTube. With potentially billions of prospective clients, there is no reason why your business can’t utilise the platform that Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc offer you in order to grow your audience.


Reaching Potential Clients

Social Media is built around the idea of unifying people from all different cultures and walks of life with who you may never interact in person. Marketing to somebody across the world if you fit conservatories for example, may not be the best use of your time and as important as it is to have a prominent reach, it’s absolutely vital that you target your specific audience. This can be done through things like Facebook groups specific to your area or using industry or area dedicated hashtags on Instagram.   


Consumer Engagement

One of the major draws for a smaller business is its ability to interact with clients personally, retaining this is vital even through a social media profile. Clients may utilise social media to enquire about products or services and if they are met with a friendly and quick reply, it fosters a bond of trust which can lead to a sale or even long-term loyalty.


Building a Brand

By taking a business into the online world, you are exposing the brand to hoards of new consumers. These may be people who are local but are not aware of where your premises is located and what services or products are offered by your business. Social Media is the perfect platform for getting your logos, banners, and product pictures out into the world, starting to build a visual association between your brand and your business. Building a brand is simple, requiring you to stay active on your social platform of choice with content that can vary from product pictures to business information and even news loosely related to your sector.


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Building a Presence is Easier Than You Think     

Many associate social media with large tech conglomerates that dominate across multiple pages steamrolling smaller companies that offer similar products and services. Luckily modern-day social media covers such a plethora of niche products and services that finding that gap in the market or the specific location of your audience may be a lot simpler than you first anticipated and through the correct utilisation of your social media presence, your target audience will be that much easier to reach.


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