Emotional Hooks That Will Make Your Content Much More Engaging

The average person spends 144 minutes on social media every day, in that time they expose themselves to thousands of posts from a sector originating from a range of content creators. So, why is it that only a miniature fraction of these posts get any interaction or are memorable enough to stick in your brain for longer than the few seconds it takes you to read the post? The secret lies in the connection to your audience that the post elicits. Read on for a deep dive into how you can captivate your audience through the power of (almost) nothing but words.


Image of an example of a piece of content with a fun fact.

The Element of Surprise

Nothing gets the heart racing quite like an unexpected surprise or plot twist, I’m not suggesting you work a jump-scare into your content (unless your field absolutely demands it) but rather a revelation basing itself around a common misconception within your sector or a ‘fun fact’ with just enough wow-factor to make your audience question its authenticity. In light of the greatest invention of the 21st century: the online troll, you may find yourself being fact-checked so endeavour to double-check your content before it goes live.


Image of a group of friends laughing.

Sense of Humour

A search engine walks into a bar, the bartender says “What are you doing here? You’re banned, SEO yourself out”. Good humour can make your brand seem approachable and light-hearted while bad humour makes you feel like you probably shouldn’t upload this article. Laughter is a fantastic way to form an instant connection with your audience helping to spruce your content up if it’s been a little dry as of late whilst making sure that it doesn’t encroach on the authenticity of your brand.


Image of a typewriter with the words ‘Stories matter’ imprinted on a piece of paper.

Tell a Story

The emotional investment comes naturally through the utilisation of stories. If your company or brand has had a dramatic rise or faced adversity at some point down the road, chances are, your audience would love to hear about it. Knowing that a business is more than just a high-resolution logo and a marketable product is a major pull for many potential clients. Providing case studies for current or past clients is a great way to engross your audience while appealing to people in a similar position to those mentioned.


Image of a pop culture reference on a wall.

Incorporate Pop Culture

Addicted to a TV show or a book? Good, chances are, so is a certain demographic within your audience that is looking for absolutely any excuse to talk about it. Using this hype can help you boost audience interaction while bringing attention to your products with 28% of the most successful businesses incorporating references to pop culture at some point in their marketing campaigns. It is important to make sure any pop culture references are relevant to your sector/products in order to both build common ground and start to funnel clients toward your business.

Emotional reaction is the key element behind some of the most successful marketing campaigns, surprise, humour, stories and culture references tap into that emotion in order to try and elicit a response without breaking the bank. Using these techniques will allow you to boost your reach while also building a personality to go with your brand.


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