What is Twitter’s New ‘Super Follow’ Feature? And How Will It Impact Content Creators?

The monetisation of social media certainly isn’t anything new, Youtube’s integrated follow feature where fans receive additional benefits for a monthly tier-based subscription, and Twitch super chat whereby donating during a livestream they receive the privilege of a highly sought after pinned comment (usually used to reference memes or make profane jokes), monetisation has been a mainstay in the industry for years. With many of the social media colossuses looking to add paid options themselves, Twitter’s recent announcement over its ‘Super Follow’ feature becomes a gauge of what to expect from the remaining platforms currently lacking paid features.

What is a Super Follow and How to Qualify

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Twitter boasts a follow feature whereby subscribing to a creator their content shows up on your timeline and super follows are thought to work in the same way with the only difference lying in the access of additional ‘behind the scenes’ content that regular follows would not be able to. The implementation of super follows is designed to serve as a money-making medium to encourage content creators to market primarily to Twitter. In order to make use of this feature the author has to hold 10k or more followers, be over the age of 18 and have posted at least 25 times in the last 30 days.

Pricing Options and Twitter’s Cut

In qualifying for the aforementioned criteria, the author can choose a price point for their subscription with the current price points listed as $2.99, $4.99 and $9.99 based on the quantity and quality of the content they plan on producing for their super followers. Twitter have stated that creators will be able to claim up to 97% of any payments received up to a value of $50,000 at which they can claim up to 80% after third party fees. These price points seem relatively vague and will likely change based on the profit and following of the author themselves post review of the feature itself.

What Impact Will This Have?

No doubt this feature is intended to rival third party companies such as Patreon through which content creators can receive funding from their fans, by taking a chunk of this market they increase their own profits while also integrating regulation into what is currently a relatively chaotic market. From the perspective of content creators this is a fantastic opportunity to cater to their hardcore audience while also making some additional money.

The monetisation of Twitter is in line with that of several other social media platforms and while currently a new untested function which will no doubt change multiple times before released openly to the public, it can act as a positive change to content creators, hardcore fans and even Twitter itself.   

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