Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

At Odyssey we understand that content marketing is by no means an easy job. There are many factors that you must keep on top of in order for your company to reap the benefits of content marketing and along this path you may encounter and end up making a few common marketing mistakes. These mistakes however can be avoided, there are ways that you can prevent them from happening to your business, read on below for a few examples of common content marketing mistakes to avoid.

Ignoring Emails

We do realise that you will get a lot of spam in your inbox as a business. We too get frustrated with this and are tempted to just delete our inbox and call it a day! However, we cannot do this as emails are vital to your content marketing strategy. Around 319 billion emails are sent everyday worldwide as it is the most used method of communication amongst businesses. A successful email marketing campaign can help to attract a large following to your business as it keeps your products and brands fresh in the consumer’s mind. For every 70p invested in an email the average return on investment is around £30! This means that if you were to ignore the email side of your content marketing strategy you are missing out big time.

Inconsistent Blogs

This should be common knowledge for a business, if you are not creating consistent content then you will not see a larger increase in engagement from your consumer. There are over 1.8 billion websites active with 500 million of these being blogs! Although this is a huge percentage, less than 200 million of these websites are active. This is sometimes due to companies and businesses not showing enough commitment to their blogs and so end up giving up on the idea in total which is a huge content marketing mistake. Having a consistent blog will be a great asset to your content marketing strategy and offer many benefits such as;

  • Organic web traffic will increase
  • Easy to share on social media
  • Increases exposure on search engine results pages

Under-Utilising Social Media

This can be a common content marketing mistake for businesses as they may be slightly out of touch and not understand the true importance of social media. If you are a business which is not utilising social media, then you should get onto it ASAP! Social media content marketing offers a variety of free ways to promote and advertise your business to new customers. It will also help you to engage easier with your consumers to see what their preferences are and how you can cater your business to sustain their interest. If you do not do this, then you will not have a complete understanding of your consumer and your current business practices could actually be drawing away customers instead of attracting newer audiences.

Failure to Proofread

This point should go without saying, you cannot be successful in content marketing if the content is full of grammatical errors, then it will just look unprofessional, and this will draw consumers away for your business. When creating content for your business be sure to read over your work after it has been completed, you can even decide to place it through several spell and grammar checkers to ensure that your content will have no mistakes and look as professional as possible. Something as simple as misusing the words ‘there, their and they’re’ can deter customers from your business as although it is a very little grammatical error it will set a subconscious seed of doubt in their mind over your credibility as a business.

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