Getting Your Website Ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Friday the 26th of November heralds the start of the frantic Christmas shopping period and is aptly referred to as Black Friday with the following Monday being colloquially referenced as Cyber Monday. During the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday many digital and physical businesses offer huge discounts on their many services and products in what can only be described as a period of capitalist spontaneity and with a total UK spend of £5,988,444,539 last Black Friday (2020) you can understand why so many e-commerce sites and online storefronts act like Christmas came early. In order to capitalise fully, your website has to be able to meet the increased demands of the busy period and adhere to a comprehensive and thorough preparation plan.

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Surviving Traffic  

In 2020 during a particularly hectic Black Friday, the online storefront for tech and electrical supplier Currys PC World dropped due to high traffic, naturally this caused an uproar with consumers, leading to the company being repeatedly called out publicly on Twitter. The traffic quantity that your website can functionally maintain very much depends on its hosting and build quality with outside factors such as errors within the code, heavy weather in your server location or even expiry of domains all playing part in a website going down. If you’re unsure of the traffic load that your website can maintain, get in touch with our specialist team at Odyssey New Media to find out about our web hosting options.

Online Market(ing)

Every once in a while I open my email only to find emails promoting product sales for companies I have not used in years; would I buy from them right away? Probably not, but when considering purchasing a product that they offer at some point down the line, regular communication ensures they are the first ones to pop into my mind. Even the most devoted of clients are unlikely to check your website every day and therefore may not even realise you are offering discounts; advertising campaigns do not have to be expensive sitewide expeditions with many businesses opting to utilise their client banks to send out email marketing campaigns in order to give their clients a nudge and remind them; “we are still here”.

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Keeping It Mobile

Based on your target audience, you may find that a considerable chunk of your consumers originate from mobile platforms with younger generations especially favouring purchases through their phone rather than desktop, tablet or laptop. The speed of the medium ensures that switching websites has never been so easy leading to a bounce rate of 49% in stark contrast to the 42% of tablet and the 45% on desktop signalling that if your website is not mobile compatible or adequately functional, consumers are that much more likely to look elsewhere. Maintaining mobile functionality on your website is also a key part of the Google Search Quality process which ensures that your site ranks favourably within search engines.

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