The Importance of Link Building

Link building is an integral part of the SEO process and when it experiences a boost, it also leads to an uplift within all the other SEO fields. Link building by its very nature is a simple in theory, difficult in practice process and can vary greatly depending on the target websites through which the link creation is taking place. In order to help your business or website develop, carrying out link building is a must which is why we’re looking to lift the vail on the rarely discussed subject.

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What is Link Building?

The idea behind link building is pretty simple, Google looks at your backlink profile (all of the links coming into your website) when deciding on search engine placements with websites boasting a good number of high-quality links deemed to be trustworthy and enjoying higher placements; link building is the process of adding new links to your website to boost your SEO ranking. The difficulty of the link building itself differs greatly depending on the target website onto which you would like to place a link, higher-quality websites often demand considerable financial compensation or refuse to accept links altogether, however, there are still a plethora of directories, blogs and forums that are happy to accept links for free or at affordable prices.

Tips When Link Building

Link Building isn’t quite as simple as going around and adding links to any site that is willing to take them and there are several tips you may want to keep in mind when doing so;

  • The websites that link back to your own will have their own trustflow which dictates their quality, by deciding where Google ranks your website it first looks into the quality of all of the links. A good number of high-quality links will lead to a rise in the general quality of your own website while an abundance of harmful ones will make your website appear less trustworthy and may suffer in the rankings.
  • Quantity of links isn’t always the priority and by having too many you risk a diluted overall trustflow, while this isn’t a huge problem it can take away some of the value of your higher quality links.
  • You seldom see links to random businesses on the apple homepage, keep in mind that there are many companies that may not have the space to host your links on their website or simply might not be willing to.

The Importance of Link Building

The quality of links going into your website hold substantial sway over Google’s rankings and thereby looking to add quality links even at the cost of annual subscriptions or feature blogs may pose a huge benefit to your business. Link building can be carried out to different levels with our process at Odyssey New Media also incorporating competitor analysis (looking to add links to websites where competitors are also present) and creation of a link on our list of high-quality general directories.

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