5 Ways to Improve SEO for Your Business This Christmas

Christmas is an extremely busy time for businesses, optimising on the hype train of excitement and gathering plentiful interest in your business can really give you a colossal boost gong into the new year. However, some businesses may get so caught up in clients and workload to the point where they may neglect their SEO. This will negatively impact them significantly in the long run, so it is vital for your business to improve your SEO up until and during this festive period. This is so you do not miss out on the growth opportunities that may occur.

Engaging With Customers on Mobile

There are not enough superlatives to describe the sheer importance of having a mobile friendly and well optimised website. In fact, as of the last 6 months, 79% of all UK smartphone users have made an online purchase through their mobile. This means that most of the country are now buying online through their mobile phone. If your website is not mobile friendly, then you could be denying your business a massive opportunity. Additionally, mobile phones are a useful function for local shoppers who are Christmas shopping. Being able to offer your services in person, through mobile and through desktop will ensure you have maximised your business for consumers and influence them to choose your business this Christmas!

Link Building Will Help

SEO does not happen overnight as you most likely already know, it is a process that can take several months to show the fruits of its labour. So, if you were thinking of gaining page 1 on Google at Christmas for your business and you haven’t started SEO then we have got some bad news for you! For this to be possible you should be prioritising building links from around June, this is very much a long-term strategy, and it will pay off massively if done right. If you have already begun to build links across a mix of websites 6 months prior to Christmas, then this will give your pages the chance to be found organically.

Display Opening Hours on Google My Business

You should set up your Google My Business listing no matter what time of the year it is. It will not only enable customers to find your stores and opening times yet also build a level of trust and ownership around your brand. Ensure that all the information is correct, this is even more important at Christmas as you will have to update your ‘Holiday Hours’ meaning Christmas Day & Boxing Day as most businesses are closed on these days, if you do not alert your consumer that you are closed then you may get a welcome phone call on Christmas Day, and it will not be from Santa Claus!

Try to be Descriptive

It is a must for your product descriptions to be detailed and optimised for Christmas if you are going to truly succeed in the most wonderful time of the year! Try to use the most relevant and descriptive keywords for your products that relate towards Christmas. For example, instead of listing a ‘Rudolph Jumper’ you could list it as ‘Red Rudolph Jumper for Men’. This way you are zoning in on a target audience of men who like red coloured Christmas jumpers. This will also enable that product to show up in someone’s Google Search if they are looking for red, Rudolph jumpers or male Christmas clothing. It is all about ensuring your products gain the highest engagement possible.

Integrate Paid & Organic Ads

Now there is always this debate amongst business owners of which ads are better, paid or organic. We say, why not both? The best way to optimise for a search engine results page is to make the most of both techniques. SEO and PPC work hand in hand and when paired with a great keyword strategy you may achieve search engine domination!

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