Is Your Website Ready for Valentine’s Day?

The first e-commerce goldmine of the year is the ever-popular, ever-daunting Valentine’s Day. Sources report that we could see rough spending of around 1.37 billion in the UK alone, quite a bit more than just a box of chocolates and some flowers.

Whether you’re planning to celebrate or not, Valentine’s Day is a major opportunity for online businesses to make a tidy little profit from couples buying gifts, due to this you want to ensure that your website is functioning and looking 100% once the clients come rolling in.

Thematic Images and Colours

The common colour association for Valentine’s Day is bright pinks and gentle whites, colours that are nice and fluffy and let you forget that you’re about to spend a shedload of money. You may find that websites sporting dark colours don’t really attract the Valentine’s Day crowd and may actively drive potential clients to rival websites that look more engaged in the occasion.

Why not put up some cute Valentines pictures? The quintessential cartoon heart, a bouquet of flowers, and gift boxes are pretty commonplace and should be your first port of call when looking to decorate. Generally, the images you pick don’t really matter all that much as long as they match the cutesy theme, why not include some pictures of a fluffy llama? Fluffy llamas are universally adorable.

Sweet, Sweet Discounts

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy Valentine’s gifts, which might make your partner happy, for a little while. Gifts are pretty expensive and the nicer they are, the expensive-er they tend to be, by presenting a Valentine’s Day discount- regardless of how small- you may be able to get a leg up over competitors and incentivise those that may feel a little unsure into a purchase.

Safe Hosting and Speed

Depending on the industry within which your business functions, you may see a huge influx of website visits around the fateful day. At this point, the last thing you might want is for your website to go down. If you’ve got a reliable hosting service that can cater to the increase in visitation, you can rest easy knowing that unless you suddenly start competing with the sales figures of a major jewellery brand, your website will probably be fine.

If you’re not confident about the visitation load your website can manage or are aware of several websites hosted under your IP address, you may wish to speak to a member of the Odyssey New Media team today.

An image of an email being opened

Social and Email Marketing

Unless you’re a direct seller of Valentine’s Day necessities, nobody is going to know you’re offering discounts or products. The best way to let them know? Email and social marketing. Engaging with your audience ahead of time will likely lead them directly to you on the day itself.

Keep in mind that not every business matches the tone of Valentine’s Day, if yours doesn’t, it may be best to simply stay clear. Nobody wants to see Valentine’s Day discounts from a divorce lawyer.  

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