The Value of Having Your Business Work with a Google Accredited Agency

Making the most of all the marketing options available to your business is what separates you from your rivals and ensures that every penny you spend will provide a positive impact on your overall reach and conversions.

Serving as the centrepiece of the digital marketing world, Google is the producer as well as the supplier of many top-of-the-range marketing services that need to be correctly utilised to successfully grow your business.

Due to the broad range of services they offer and the complexity of the platforms, Google has introduced an accreditation that labels a business as a Google Partner. There are a multitude of benefits to having your business work with an agency that is Google Accredited.

Product Knowledge

Every search engine has its own, slightly different way of doing things. Unfortunately, this means that fluency on one platform does not always translate to another. Luckily Google is the largest and most widely used of the search engines meaning that a company with comprehensive knowledge of the Google platforms and services can offer an eclectic marketing strategy.

An agency like Odyssey New Media that has extensive knowledge on Google ads can help your business maximise its marketing campaign.

Staying Updated

Its common knowledge that Google can be whimsical at times and downright random at others, a Google accredited agency makes it their primary goal to stay up to date with the latest goings-on and developments within the field.  This is key when looking to build a long-lasting marketing strategy that won’t be weathered by algorithm updates and changes to platform functionality.

By keeping up with the latest news an agency can also offer ongoing advice that keeps your business in line with Google’s preferences and can help to avoid the dips in performance that Google algorithm updates often cause.

Access to Additional Features

There are always new services and products that Google is testing, many of these with the intention of simplifying marketing strategies or boosting the growth of businesses that meet certain criteria. While these may not see the light of day for several years, Google Accredited Partner agencies often get the chance to try these out and sometimes can even -if ready- integrate them into a client’s marketing strategy.

Usually the new developments that Google is introducing are in some way linked to the algorithmic changes they plan to make in the future, this allows your business to stay ahead of the curve and predict changes before they actually occur.

How to Recognise a Google Partner

Recognising a Google accredited agency is very simple as Google actively provides partner badges to organisations that have qualified. You’re likely to find these badges present on their websites and social profiles, if you can’t seem to find them anywhere you may wish to ask the agency directly.

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