The Importance of Negative Reviews

Are you working hard to earn great reviews on your products or website? You are not alone; most businesses are trying to do the same thing. But every business owner is terrified of a bad review. How do you address a bad review? Do you delete it or leave it? Did you know that negative reviews are actually good for your business? Today we will go over why bad reviews are important for your business.

Why are Some Negativity Reviews good?

The common belief is that all negative reviews are bad. This is true in some cases if you have too many of them. Like everything in life, too much of something is bad for you. Believe it or not, having too many positive reviews can be a red flag to your customers. A study conducted by ReviewInc concluded that more consumers will trust a 4.7 rating than a 5-star rating. This may be because some businesses provide exchanges for positive reviews. Customers are aware of this. Other times customers don’t believe the 5-star review because they think it’s ‘too good to be true’. Sometimes having a 5-star rating can affect your business in a negative way.

Nevertheless, having a good rating that includes negative reviews indicates to the consumer that the business is authentic. This type of rating works for every platform. This shows that having some negative reviews is beneficial for a business.

Responding to a negative review

When you get a negative review a good way of dealing with it, is by responding to the review. When responding to a negative review you need to know how to do it, if you want the best results. How do you correctly respond to a negative review without fracturing your relationship with a client?

In 2018 a company called Review Trackers found out that 53.3% of people that leave negative reviews expect the company to respond within 7 days. Responding in a timely manner is important as it shows the customer that you care about their bad experience with your company.

To start off the review acknowledge the customer’s complaint and understand where they’re coming from. Doing this shows the customer that you understand their complaint and you aren’t apologising for no reason. After understanding their complaint, apologise to the customer and look for ways to make it up to them.

Next take responsibility for the company’s actions. We can do this by offering the client our sincerest apologies and telling them something along the lines of “Once we have concluded our investigation we will get back to you shortly”. If needed provide an explanation of why this has happened.

If you want to make a good impression, taking the discussion offline shows the customer that your business is willing to help. By doing this, it shows the customer that your business provides good customer service. The last step is making the situation right by fixing the situation. This can be by replacing the product or offering the customer a refund. Not only will this look good on your business, but the customer can include how you handled the situation in their review too.

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