Email Marketing Best Practice

Email marketing may not be the best for newer marketing channels and can be a hassle to get right. Little things like the date and time, language, tone of voice, and segmenting of customers can all affect your engagement rates. However, email is still a great way for businesses to generate leads and sales. In the blog below you will find out about some of the email marketing best practice you should always look to enact.  

Email Size

When sending your emails to your customers, you want the email to show correctly 100% of the time. Sending the wrong size email can make the email look unprofessional and unfinished to the end-user. When creating your email template make it between 500 to 650 pixels wide. If the email is over 650 pixels, the email won’t show up correctly on the end user’s device. Anything over 650 pixels require the user to scroll horizontally. Something as simple as the size of the email can affect the readability, conversions and experience.  

Don’t Purchase a Contact List 

The regulations imposed by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) look to protect the data of consumers, of course, email addresses are amongst those data types that are protected. Due to this, you should always be careful when it comes to the purchasing of contact lists as some of these may have been collected in an unethical manner. Overall cold-emailing is also less likely to garner leads or conversions as many of the people contacted will have no prior relation to your business. If your emails are continuously being left unopened some email providers may start flagging your address as spam, severely hindering even genuine email marketing attempts.   

Contacting people whose information you’ve earned through a previous interaction is more likely to open your email. Doing this can boost your email campaign performance. This means your emails won’t get caught by the spam filter.  

Don’t Use ‘No-Reply’ in Sender’s Email Address 

To improve your open rate, don’t use ‘no-reply’ in a sender’s email address. To some consumers, this can look spammy or in some cases unprofessional. People who think it looks spammy will dis-guard the email altogether. To stop this from happening, use an email address that looks real. For example, Using a real name looks more professional and your customers are more likely to trust it. This means they are more likely to open the email which will help to improve your campaign’s open rate. 

Clean Out Your Mailing List Once a Month

To maximise your open rate, each month clean your mailing list. Doing this gets rid of those people who do not engage with your email. I know that businesses what to email as many people as they can to tell them about their sales. But the more people that you email that don’t open your email will decrease your open rate. Ensure that you regularly clean out your email list in order to ensure that you aren’t repeatedly emailing dead addresses.  

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