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Why is Banner Design important?

Having a great looking website is just as important as having a functioning website. If your website isn’t aesthetically pleasing people will want to spend less time on it and that could drastically affect your conversion rate and even your natural search rankings. Banner design is a part of that look and can sit at the top of each webpage (recommended), serving as a piece of imagery just as focused upon as your logo. A good banner can be either a visual still that sits above the website at all times or an interactive banner tool that will change in appearance and will react to the user’s actions with the mouse cursor. Want to see what we mean? Look at the top of the page and interact with the social media icons in our banner.

Our Banner Design Services Include

  • Full-Width Banner Designs
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Banner Designs for Social Media
  • Banner Designs for Websites
  • Banner Designs for Display Ads
  • Plus many other Banner Design services available…

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Why Choose Odyssey New Media

A Digital Marketing Company with a Full Range of Services


We have been working in the web design, web development and digital marketing fields for over 10 years so we have a great understanding of what will benefit you the most.

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Client Input

No matter the type of project, from an ecommerce web design to banner design or even regular web development, we always accept and value your input and opinion.

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We can tailor our banner design services to your needs and budget. Whether you need a singular banner for a website or multiple banners for social media, we can help you.

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What can my Banner Design be used for?

Each website uses their banner design in a different way, some use it to put contact information and social media links in (like us), and whilst others may use the banner to house category page links. At Odyssey New Media we can advise you on your banner design and what is best for your business.


Benefits of Using Odyssey New Media for Banner Design

Odyssey New Media can provide you with a bespoke banner that we feel will benefit your website; appearance, usability and functionality all being potential factors. Each banner we create is designed to fit your website specifically so the banner we create for you is the perfect size. We can, at your request, add links to category pages (services and products), miscellaneous pages (about us or contact us pages), links to social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus) and even include a ‘mail to’ function with a link to your email address and phone number. If you want to see proof of how good the banners we can create are, feel free to have a play with our own banner above.


Social Media Banner Design?

Some businesses focus on social media profiles more than a website, if that is the case for your business, no fear we can create personalised social media profile banners for your business unique to each platform so the banner you followers see is fitted perfectly and not stretched or de-pixelated to fit in the space given.

We can provide you with perfectly proportioned banners for social media profiles and platforms like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Blog

We can also prove custom banners for other platforms like:

  • Email
  • Etsy

To find out more about our banner design service contact us at our Birmingham office on 0844 500 6911 or alternatively contact us via our website.

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