April 2017 – Get in the Holiday Mood – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Posted On April, 2017, by Robert Stoubos

Get in the Holiday Mood

As summer approaches, shoppers will begin to think about getting away on their holidays.  Approx. 89% of people who fly away for their summer travels like to research destinations online before they purchase a holiday break. Approx. 65% of business of business...

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March 2017 – Spring is all about DIY – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Posted On March, 2017, by Robert Stoubos

Spring is all about DIY

Spring is all about putting in time and making improvements. That goes for people's homes, as well as your business. 20% of shoppers plan to fix up their space over the season. With so much going on, make sure you're clued up on all things...

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February 2017 – Race Ahead to Easter Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Posted On February, 2017, by Robert Stoubos

Race Ahead to Easter

Shoppers start searching for Easter items as early as mid-February. Last year, the average family spend on sweets, clothes and other Easter goodies was 12% higher online than in stores. Mixing online and offline, searches for opening hours increase 1800% as the big...

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January 2017 – Valentine’s Day Prep Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Posted On January, 2017, by Robert Stoubos

Win hearts this Valentine's Day

Cupid isn't here yet, but 1 in 3 consumers are so loved-up they start their Valentine's Day shopping in January.  Last year, people began searching for romantic gift ideas as early as January 7th. It's time to get in the mood for...

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December 2016 – Sales Prep Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Posted On December, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

December – Get Prepared for the Post-Christmas Sales

Christmas will soon be here, and so will the January sales. Christmas Day mobile searches related to the after Christmas sales have increased by 74% year on year. Although many shoppers visit physical shops during the sales, 84% of...

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October 2016 – Winter Holiday Prep Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Posted On October, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

October 2016 – Move Ahead During the Winter Holidays

Consumers seem to live by the saying “The early bird gets the worm”. It’s only October, but they’re already starting to think about their winter holidays. Searches for skiing begin as early as three months before the ski...

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How to Write Great Web Content for Your Business

Posted On September, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Writing great web content for your business is one the most important things that you can do. The content that you write is an ambassador for your business and if you don’t create error-free and engaging content, then your website visitors will not trust your business.Your competitors know...

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Why Business Owners Need to Remove Intrusive Interstitial Ads Pre 2017

Posted On September, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

If your business uses intrusive interstitial ads on its website, then now is the time to consider removing them. Google’s ranking algorithm is about to be updated and will view intrusive interstitials as a negative ranking factor.Business owners have until January 10th 2017 to remove...

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How to improve Ad Spend Efficiency with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Posted On September, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Your business can go beyond keywords and save money with AdWords and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs). RLSAs where first introduced in the summer of 2013, but even today, they are still underused.With RLSAs, ad spend is used more efficiently and improves conversion rates, giving a...

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September 2016 – Christmas Prep Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Posted On September, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

September – Get in First this Christmas

People love looking forward to Christmas, in fact, 40% of shoppers start their Christmas research as early as the end of October. The Christmas holidays can bring out the adventurous side of people too, with 64% of people open to the idea of...

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How to Monitor Clicks & Impressions with Property Sets in Google’s Search Console

Posted On , by Rob Stoubous

Analysing the performance of individual websites is straightforward enough, but for most business owners, the picture becomes less clear when multiple websites are in use. The solution to grasping an overview of the overwhelming amount of analytic data that can be created, by running...

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How Businesses Can Benefit from the Rise of Video Ads on Social Media

Posted On September, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Businesses can benefit from the rise of video ads on social networks and this should form part of any social marketing strategy that is put in place during 2016. Ignoring video ads on social now, may well see your business fall behind your competitors, who are taking advantage of one of the biggest...

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How Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Update will affect your Business

Posted On August, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

For many businesses, content creators and publishers, Facebook’s News Feed is a powerful tool and this isn’t surprising when we consider that Facebook has 1.13 billion monthly active users. The new news feed algorithm boosts informative content, making it essential to follow Facebook’s best...

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Accelerated Mobile Pages to appear in Google SERPs

Posted On August, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

In response to slow loading webpages that cause mobile phone users to abandon viewing them before they load in, Google is about to show Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) on its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). These AMPs will crucially be shown on the first page of Google search...

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5 Google Ranking Factors you shouldn’t overlook in 2016

Posted On August, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

With 3.5 billion Google searches made everyday, it is more important than ever to understand the Google Ranking Factors that affect the position of your website, in search results. The Google Algorithm has 200 major ranking factors and here we take a look at 5 Google ranking factors...

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The Future Of Facebook

Posted On August, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Facebook is already big but for businesses Facebook is set to be bigger and may possibly compete with Google, in the near future. Facebook has a clear goal to connect with everyone and at all times, which will make it the number one personal and business platform of the future. Mark...

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Facebook Launches New Facebook Pages Layouts for 2016

Posted On August, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

It had to happen sometime! Facebook have begun rolling out a new layout for Facebook Pages in 2016. We first noticed the changes last week on a client’s page layout; now our Odyssey New Media Facebook Page has been...

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August 2016 – Halloween Prep – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights.

Posted On August, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

August – Get in the Zone for Halloween

Halloween is getting close, soon enough the kids will be filling the streets trick or treating and the adults will be on their way to parties. Always dressed up, obviously, but not always prepared – 29% of Halloween costume shopping is left until...

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How SSL Certificates and Dedicated IP Addresses Affect SEO

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Two elements that can affect the SEO of online businesses are SSL Certificates and Dedicated IP addresses. Here we take a look at how these interwoven elements could help your business appear higher on Search Engine Ranking Pages. 

SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate is...

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Google Announces Changes to Product Listing Ads – Showcase Ads & Trueview

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Google has announced large changes to Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and these are being rolled out to benefit businesses using shopping campaigns, during July. Showcase Shopping Ads allow visitors to browse collections of products from online and local retailers. In addition to these...

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Top 7 Tips to Writing Good SEO Content

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

The key to a successful website is content. It can’t just be any old content though. It has to be good quality content. This is the type of content that gets found in the search engines, shared, and keeps visitors on your website. Poor quality content does not do that. In fact, poor quality...

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Improving the Reach of Facebook Live Broadcasts

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Engagement through social media with your business’s followers and potential customers is incredibly important. The latest social trend is to broadcast Facebook Live videos and this element of social marketing should not be overlooked. 

Why are Facebook Live Broadcasts...

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Twitter Engage App gives Real-time Data and Insights

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

The Twitter Engage app is a new companion app for Twitter and it has been designed to provide real-time data, performance analytics and insights into the content that you or your business releases, through either the Twitter or Engage apps. The Twitter Engage app is essentially a free...

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Updated Google Dynamic Search Ads to Drive more Relevant Traffic

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Google’s Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are about to go through a transitional period, where improvements that are taking place and rolling out over the next few months, will see DSA campaigns drive more relevant traffic. Dynamic Search Ads, within Google AdWords, are a dynamic way to...

Posted in: Dynamic Search Ads, PPC

Improve Local SEO with Schema Markup

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

 One of the easiest ways to improve local SEO efforts is to use Schema markup (Schema.org). Schema code can be added to a website and it helps search engines to identify text that is critically important. Schema markup is used by search engines such as Google, Bing (the...

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July 2016 – Back to School Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Kids are packing their school bags in preparation for heading back to the classroom, and they have their parents giving them a helping hand – 65% of internet users plan to look for uniforms, stationary and other ‘back to school’ products by late July. Back to School search is expected to grow...

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How Proximity Marketing with Beacons will change SEO

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Beacons and proximity marketing behaviours are about to change SEO over the next 12 to 24 months, making it essential for retailers and businesses to adopt this emerging technology.Here we take a look at how beacons will play a role in digital marketing and how search engines may rank local...

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June 2016 – Last-Minute Travel Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Posted On June, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

When June comes around, many people rush to fit in a short holiday or break before the end of the season and many people turn to online resources to book their ideal holiday destination. 30% of affluent travellers have booked their last-minute breaks using a mobile...

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3 Tips for Optimising your Title & Description Tags

Posted On June, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Not seeing the amount of traffic you wanted? - Not being found on Google? Here are 3 easy and simple tips to help you optimise your title tags and description tags to rank higher on search engines. 

What are Title Tags & Description Tags?

The title tags describe and define...

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5 Simple Free Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Posted On June, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Got a Slow Wordpress Website?

There are some really simple things you can do right now (anybody can do these things without any technical knowhow) and get an instant increase in speed for your WordPress based website. Is your website slow? Ok -so follow these steps and see it load...

Posted in: Web Development, Web Usability

Google’s Changes to Ad Positions in the SERPs – A combined SEO & PPC Search Marketing Approach is Required

Posted On March, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Google's Changes to Ad Positions in the SERPs

Google has implemented the biggest change to the SERP for several years. The new layout sees the worldwide removal of all the PPC ads from the right side of the SERP and now features an extra PPC add in the top ad block for...

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Google’s New Real-Time Penguin 4.0 Roll-Out is Imminent

Posted On January, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Google announced last year Google that they will release version 4.0 which they’re calling the 'real-time' Penguin Algorithm. This update will undoubtedly affect the performance of websites rankings and organic search traffic on Google. Essentially any websites with bad/poor/spammy...

Posted in: Backlink Analysis, Google, Google Penguin, Industry News, SEO

Google Announce 302 Redirects Will Be Made into 301s

Posted On October, 2015, by Rob Stoubous

During a Google+ hangout on Oct 16th 2015, Google’s John Mueller announced that Google may decide to view 302 temporary redirects as 301 permanent redirects.

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Case Study – Odyssey Complete their Largest Link Analysis & Disavow to date!

Posted On September, 2015, by Rob Stoubous

The Odyssey New Media team have just completed one of their most largest and most in-depth ?backlink analysis? and ?disavow? file compilations to date.

Posted in: Backlink Analysis, Link Detox, Odyssey New Media News, SEO

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