Posted On 15 October, 2021 by Martin Bracinik

Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly Content

Mobile Search

Have you ever visited a site on your phone only to find it completely dysfunctional? Many who use their phones regularly would have experienced this to at least some level and with the influx of people using their phones for daily browsing, issues don’t tend to stay hidden for long. As referred to in one … Continued

Posted On 08 October, 2021 by Martin Bracinik

The Link Between Social Media and Mental Health

Social Media

There are many in today’s world who do not remember a time before the mainstream social media platforms, a time before the social interconnection that we consider quintessential today. With the domineering size of the leading social platforms, you would be forgiven for thinking they’ve been a mainstay within the digital sector since its inception, … Continued

Posted On 29 September, 2021 by Martin Bracinik

Google Search Quality


Google is by far the most dominant search engine, since its inception in 1998, it has covered a multitude of subjects across a plethora of countries. Currently, it covers an average of 40,000 search queries every single second, this translates to a stunning 3.5 billion searches a day. The sheer amount of people using Google … Continued

Posted On 16 September, 2021 by Martin Bracinik

Core Web Vitals, What Are They?


Whether you’re the owner of a business running an online site, a content writer uploading online, or even just a casual internet user with a fervent interest in website functionality, chances are sooner or later you will run across the terms Core Web Vitals without really knowing what they mean. Core web vitals are an … Continued

Posted On 07 September, 2021 by Martin Bracinik

Advanced Google Search Operators. What Are They? And How to Use Them?


The Internet is large. Ridiculously large. Searching something as niche as “digital marketing” produces a total of 2,760,000,000 results via Google and while a fair few of these are likely nothing but low-quality spam or websites only loosely connected to the subject, we’re still left with what can officially be described as more than a … Continued

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