Posted On 14 January, 2022 by Martin Bracinik

Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Digital Tips & Insights

The year 2021 was pivotal for digital marketing, the constant looming threat of the pandemic incentivised a plethora of business owners to newly consider the potential of digital as a part of their wider marketing solution. 2021 is (fortunately) now over and as we slowly move towards the greener meadows of market and political stability, … Continued

Posted On 05 January, 2022 by Nathan Tipping

Changes to Facebook Ad Targeting in Early 2022

Social Media / Facebook

One of the most frequently covered subjects of 2021 was the nature of Facebook’s ad targeting with many users considering them downright intrusive. In order to try and mitigate the fallout caused by an unhappy consumer base Facebook and its umbrella corporation Meta is looking to implement some changes in early January that will endeavour … Continued

Posted On 16 December, 2021 by Martin Bracinik

Google Product Review Update – December 2021

Google / Google Algorithm Updates

Welcome to the busiest e-commerce shopping season of the year, how does Google decide to celebrate? Bam, algorithm update. In the past we’ve seen genuine sites lose authority and rankings on the back of algorithm updates through a lack of acclimatisation with the new imposed rule set. Luckily, Google has seen sense and rolled out … Continued

Posted On 08 December, 2021 by Alex Byrne

5 Ways to Improve SEO for Your Business This Christmas


Christmas is an extremely busy time for businesses, optimising on the hype train of excitement and gathering plentiful interest in your business can really give you a colossal boost gong into the new year. However, some businesses may get so caught up in clients and workload to the point where they may neglect their SEO. … Continued

Posted On 01 December, 2021 by Alex Huynh

The Importance of Link Building


Link building is an integral part of the SEO process and when it experiences a boost, it also leads to an uplift within all the other SEO fields. Link building by its very nature is a simple in theory, difficult in practice process and can vary greatly depending on the target websites through which the … Continued

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