Posted On 25 November, 2020 by Nathan Tipping

The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Tips & Insights

The world of digital marketing is always changing and that means businesses need to be able to adapt their marketing strategy to stay on top of the latest trends in the digital space. The marketing sector benefits from a variety of software that helps with creating an efficient and cost-effective marketing campaign. With the constant … Continued

Posted On 17 November, 2020 by Rob Stoubos

What is Link Building?

SEO / Backlink Analysis

Link building is the process of sourcing links from different websites, forums, and blogs to link back to your website. A link is used to navigate and browse through the internet and search engines crawl for links throughout the web in a matter of seconds. Search engines have the ability to crawl internal and external … Continued

Posted On 13 November, 2020 by Alex Huynh

Odyssey New Media Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

Odyssey New Media News

At Odyssey New Media, we are celebrating our 10th year anniversary with a brand-new website, a new office, new phone systems, and new team members! Our digital marketing agency was first incorporated in June 2010 and we are proud to have helped hundreds of businesses in the UK and globally to grow and flourish. What … Continued

Posted On 20 October, 2020 by Rob Stoubos

Why is Digital Marketing Important for your Business?

Digital Tips & Insights

Digital Marketing uses the internet and digital technologies to promote the products and services they offer. This type of marketing takes advantage of various digital channels to promote products by using search engines, social media, and other digital channels.  Small companies often feel that they don’t have the spare budget to be able succeed online. … Continued

Posted On 02 October, 2020 by Nathan Tipping

Using Video Conferencing in Your Business

Video Conference

During the pandemic, the rise of video conferencing has been immense! Breaking barriers and being able to communicate without travelling long distances. We are living in a world surrounded by advanced technology with software being capable of running faster and completing multiple tasks at once. These have been implemented into business systems which streamlines everyday … Continued

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