How to improve Ad Spend Efficiency with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Posted On September, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Your business can go beyond keywords and save money with AdWords and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs). RLSAs where first introduced in the summer of 2013, but even today, they are still underused. With RLSAs, ad spend is used more efficiently and improves conversion rates, giving a...

Posted in: PPC, Remarketing

Google Announces Changes to Product Listing Ads – Showcase Ads & Trueview

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Google has announced large changes to Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and these are being rolled out to benefit businesses using shopping campaigns, during July. Showcase Shopping Ads allow visitors to browse collections of products from online and local retailers.   In addition to these...

Posted in: PPC, Product Listing Ads

Updated Google Dynamic Search Ads to Drive more Relevant Traffic

Posted On July, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Google’s Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are about to go through a transitional period, where improvements that are taking place and rolling out over the next few months, will see DSA campaigns drive more relevant traffic.   Dynamic Search Ads, within Google AdWords, are a dynamic way to...

Posted in: Dynamic Search Ads, PPC

Google’s Changes to Ad Positions in the SERPs – A combined SEO & PPC Search Marketing Approach is Required

Posted On March, 2016, by Rob Stoubous

Google's Changes to Ad Positions in the SERPs

Google has implemented the biggest change to the SERP for several years. The new layout sees the worldwide removal of all the PPC ads from the right side of the SERP and now features an extra PPC add in the top ad block for...

Posted in: Google, Google AdWords, PPC, PPC

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