Posted On 20 July, 2021 by Martin Bracinik

Facebook Algorithm 2021: How Can It Help Your Online Reach

Digital Tips & Insights

Facebook is one of the most popular social media outlets to ever exist. With over 2.8 billion active users in 2021, it is vital that you use its algorithm to increase your online reach. If you can grasp an idea of how it works, then this will be hugely beneficial for your social media presence … Continued

Posted On 09 July, 2021 by Martin Bracinik

The Importance of Embracing Social Media for Businesses

Social Media

With the inception of Facebook in 2004, nobody would have believed that it would develop into what it has become today. 17 years and 2.85 billion active users later, it has eclipsed what anyone thought possible becoming the largest social platform and the third most searched term trailing only to Google and YouTube. With potentially … Continued

Posted On 29 June, 2021 by Martin Bracinik

How Google’s Core Algorithm Update Could Affect Your Website Rankings


Google announced its core algorithm update for June 2021, and this is being carried out throughout the month. Yet how exactly does the update to Google’s algorithm affect the website rankings and SEO of companies worldwide? Read on below to see how the enrolment of this update could go on to affect your website rankings. … Continued

Posted On 18 June, 2021 by Alex Byrne

How does Instagram’s Algorithm Actually Work?

Digital Tips & Insights

Since its launch in 2010 Instagram has quickly become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Everything from catching up with old friends to keeping up with the latest news and football scores, it’s through its versatility and wide range of content that it has grown at an exponential rate appealing to consumers all over … Continued

Posted On 28 May, 2021 by Alex Byrne

Announcing Your Reopening – A Checklist for Your Digital Assets

Digital Tips & Insights

As we seem to be nearing the end of lockdown and are still on track for the complete re-opening from June 21st, it is important that businesses use this time to take advantage of their digital assets. There really is no better time for doing this than alongside the re-opening of your business. This is … Continued

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