Who are Marval

Established since 1989, Marval Software ( are acknowledged by both the ITSM industry and by its customers as being one of the best and most experienced Solutions Providers for IT Service Management.

Marval deliver web-based ITIL® process compliant integrated IT Service Management software.  It also provides ITSM consultancy and ITSM education services.


How We Helped

Odyssey New Media has assisted Marval Software since 2010.  During this time we have helped Marval significantly improve its cross-channel marketing efforts.

Odyssey has assisted Marval in improving the following core digital channels:

  • Search marketing – SEO & PPC (as well as their Social Media).
  • Analysis and consultancy on website development.
  • Consultancy on website re-designs and re-development.
  • Conversion Rate enhancement analysis and recommendations.


The focus has been, and continues to be, on generating quality leads and enquiries throughout the website.

Knowledge Powered Solutions

Who are Knowledge Powered Solutions

Knowledge Powered Solutions ( offer knowledge management software solutions to help business improve customer experience and deliver operational efficiencies. Their solutions can apply to many industry sectors including: help desks, web self service, contact centres and more.


How We Helped

Odyssey New Media were asked to work alongside another Digital agency in order to help manage Knowledge Powered Solutions’ Google AdWords PPC account as well as help out with their SEO efforts, online PR and usability analysis and enhancement.

The PPC account had previously been managed badly by an overseas marketing company and performance was very poor so a lot of analysis and refinement has been undertaken in order to get it to work and generate quality leads for KPS.

The focus was not for numbers of leads but rather the quality of leads.


KPS logo


NeutraHealth Plc

Who are NeutraHealth Plc

NutraHealth Plc ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. They operate a healthcare businesses which includes brands and own label manufacture.


How We Helped

Odyssey New Media were known to Neutrahealth Plc from the time our Owner & Managing Director – Rob Stoubos worked for them. After leaving Neutrahealth Plc to run Odyssey New Media full-time, we were asked to continue working on the SEO, PPC and Social Media activity for three core brand websites:


Google’s Changes to Ad Positions in the SERPs – A combined SEO & PPC Search Marketing Approach is Required

Google’s Changes to Ad Positions in the SERPs

Google has implemented the biggest change to the SERP for several years. The new layout sees the worldwide removal of all the PPC ads from the right side of the SERP and now features an extra PPC add in the top ad block for highly commercial terms.
More information on these changes can be found here.


What Effect Will The Changes Have?

The changes will obviously have an effect on PPC and CTRs for the top ads but will also have an impact on organic listings. By adding a new PPC spot in the main results there is another opportunity to have a paid listing in the more visible main block of results. This new spot will be highly sought after, CPCs are likely to increase as companies compete to feature in the top four positions and claim this new piece of SERP real estate.

Search Engine Watch’s Larry Kim offers an interesting breakdown of the new SERP landscape.

Kim claims that the bottom ads and the now defunct sidebar ads share a 14.6% of total click volume, while the top ads attract a majority 85.4% of the clicks. The added fourth spot in the SERP opens up a new opportunity to feature in the top performing block of ads. The organic listings will be lower on the SERP and are likely to see a fall in CTRs.


Why you should use a combined PPC and SEO search marketing approach?

Organic listings will likely see a dent in CTRs but they still maintain significance in an overall search presence when combined with PPC. Being able to dominate the organic and PPC results establishes a SERP presence that demonstrates authority in a market, achieving great traffic that attracts new business. By running a combined SEO and PPC strategy you have double the data to work with and can effectively use this information to successfully target your keywords with the highest conversion rates, optimising the ROI of your CPCs and informing your overall search marketing strategy.

Kevin Gibbons had this to say to

“We’ve definitely seen a significant shift in first page clickthrough rates over the last couple of years especially in organic search. Ranking on page one is often not good enough anymore, every term is different – but I’d recommend that you really should be aiming top three now, otherwise there’s likely to a big drop-off in clickthrough rates.”


Contact Odyssey New Media if you Need Help and Advice following these Changes

With the new SERP shifting the value of organic SEO and increasing competition for PPC ads it is crucial to employ a marketing strategy that optimises ROI with increased relevancy and conversion rates of keywords.

Odyssey New Media Ltd are search specialists and vastly experienced in PPC, SEO, link analysis, recovery and getting websites better rankings and improved traffic through search engine optimisation.

For anyone concerned about the effect the new SERP will have on their website and organic search rankings contact the team at Odyssey New Media directly on 0844 500 6911 or email us on we can help.

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