May 2017 – Impress People with Entertainment – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Impress People with Entertainment


People really love being entertained, especially when it gets warmer. During this time they like to have fun and go to shows in their local areas.  If they are well informed then 30% are likely to buy tickets for events. 46% of filmgoers usually research films online before buying tickets. Amongst those 60% of researchers will by their event tickets in this manner.


Make sure your event promotion is Mobile Lead

  • 56% of searches for film tickets happen on mobiles.
  • 41% is the growth of searches done on mobile for film showtimes.


How to improve performance:

  • Always Remember Mobile Search Times – that 8 our of 10 mobile searches will happen at home or at work. However approximately only half will happen during work hours.
  • Make sure you’re purpose driven – 41 % of people searching on mobile phones are goal-driven. Approximately 2 out of 3 are motivated by speed,  convenience or urgency – 28% of those lead
  • Prepare for speed – Over 75% of mobile conversions happen within one our of people making a search.


Look for business opportunities:

  • Sporting event tickets continue to be popular – searches for sporting event tickets increased 32% from 2012 to 2014



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April 2017 – Get in the Holiday Mood – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Get in the Holiday Mood

As summer approaches, shoppers will begin to think about getting away on their holidays.  Approx. 89% of people who fly away for their summer travels like to research destinations online before they purchase a holiday break. Approx. 65% of business of business customers also buy online with others opting to deal with in-store travel agents or business travel companies.


Use Remarketing

  • Clients who switched from static remarketing to dynamic remarketing saw their conversion rates grow by up to 2 times!
  • When people switched they also saw their CPA rates fall by up to 60% .



How to Perform:

  • Think beyond just CPA – It is important that you craft dynamic creatives which are inspire by real-time data in order to connect with your potential customers.
  • Keep things simple – It’s important that you focus on creativity as well as results.  Remove any form of complexity in your ads.
  • Review your tags – Remember to check the data for the products your customers have viewed.


April 2017 Banner

Look for Business Opportunities

  • Suncare products increase during the summer months.  Terms such as ‘suntan’, ‘sunburn’ and ‘sunscreen’ see rises during this holiday period.
  • Stay at home holiday goers should also be considered. So remember to trial home nation campaigns.
  • Waterproof mascara also sees peaks during the holiday season.



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March 2017 – Spring is all about DIY – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Spring is all about DIY

Spring is all about putting in time and making improvements. That goes for people’s homes, as well as your business. 20% of shoppers plan to fix up their space over the season. With so much going on, make sure you’re clued up on all things DIY.


Go further with Attribution and Measurement:

  • 63% of people go online to research products and activities – 18% of that research is on mobile.
  • 38% of shoppers like to look online then buy in-store.


How to Perform:

  • Track Customers – Don’t just track transactions. Measure long-term customer value, not revenue. See which channels your best customers are coming from.
  • Attribute Value Across Channels – Keep your eyes on a variety of marketing touchpoints to gather insights and turn them into opportunities.
  • Keep Experinenting – Discover which channels are working for you. Measure as you go, to prove the step-by-step impact of your marketing spend.


Look for Business Opportunities:

  • Tools and Hardware – Swing into focus at this time of the year – 66% of people who plan to do up their spaces during the spring season go online to look for them.




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February 2017 – Race Ahead to Easter Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Race Ahead to Easter

Shoppers start searching for Easter items as early as mid-February. Last year, the average family spend on sweets, clothes and other Easter goodies was 12% higher online than in stores. Mixing online and offline, searches for opening hours increase 1800% as the big weekend gets close.


Go Further with YouTube

  • 70% of consumers make video part of their shopping experience – 40% agree brand videos influence their decisions.
  • 41% of YouTube users tak action after seeing an advert. This is done by clicking, visiting a wesbite or making a purchase.


How to Perform

  • Be mobile ready – Mobile searches rise from an average of 22% to 38% just before Easter. So increase your mobile bids and move on to purchase messages 4-8 days ahead of the big day.
  • Amplify you video content – Use display and TrueView ads targeted by interest categories to get people seeing your content. Think “Foodies”, “Cooking Enthusiasts” or “Home Decor”.
  • Do DIY – Reach home-loving consumers with DIY videos. Baking, decorating and entertainment are also strong performers.


Look for Business Opportunities

  • Chocolate is getting more love than ever. Regardelss of device, searches for chocolate went up 43% between April 2013 and April 2014 – mobile queries grew 88%.
  • Trips and holidays are also part of the story – 47% of customers said they look into them at Easter.




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January 2017 – Valentine’s Day Prep Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Win hearts this Valentine’s Day

Cupid isn’t here yet, but 1 in 3 consumers are so loved-up they start their Valentine’s Day shopping in January.  Last year, people began searching for romantic gift ideas as early as January 7th. It’s time to get in the mood for love.


Score with Mobile

  • 37% of 2015 Valentine’s Day traffic was on mobile and it’s growing 40% year-on-year.
  • 3x as many searches for “gifts for boyfriend” as “gifts for girlfriend” were recorded last February.


How to perform:

  • Start early – Bid on “gift ideas” terms in mid-January to get in front of shoppers whilst they’re researching, and invest in weekend mobile coverage. Switch to purchase messaging by February 8th to target last-minute buyers.
  • Step up your budgets – After February 8th, set your budgets to at least 5x what you were spending and start checking your budget twice a day.
  • Boost your mobile bids – Put more money behind mobile to keep above the fold and remember to check your mobile position each day. Increase your mobile spend by at least 20% at weekends.


Look for Business Opportunities

  • Jewellery searches are up 42% on last year across categories – 24% of shoppers are planning to buy their loved one something sparkly for Valentine’s Day.
  • Gifts saw a 27% leap.
  • Flowers jumped by 18%.




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December 2016 – Sales Prep Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

December – Get Prepared for the Post-Christmas Sales

Christmas will soon be here, and so will the January sales. Christmas Day mobile searches related to the after Christmas sales have increased by 74% year on year. Although many shoppers visit physical shops during the sales, 84% of smartphone users still reach for their phones whilst they’re there.


Move Ahead with Remarketing

  • The average CTR for regular display advertising is 0.07%.
  • The average CTR for remarketing display ads is 0.7%.


Christmas Sale Image

What to do:

  • Don’t be Repetitive – Avoid using same copy for existing customers and prospective clients. Ensure that your messages vary depending on customer queries and pages they’ve visited.
  • Frequency Capping – Make sure you’re not bombarding potential customers with advertisements, if your ads are following them everywhere they may feel stalked and your ROI may take a hit.
  • Understand Impact – If you are measuring based on last-click attribution, remarketing can steal credit from other channels, so try to set a lower CPA target for remarketing.


Looking for Business Opportunities

  • Smart Lightbulbs – Smart lightbulbs are becoming very popular, searches are up 36% this year.
  • Smart TVs – During the 2014 Christmas sales, searches for smart TVs grew by 28%, overtaking searches for other TV specs.


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October 2016 – Winter Holiday Prep Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

October 2016 – Move Ahead During the Winter Holidays

Consumers seem to live by the saying “The early bird gets the worm”. It’s only October, but they’re already starting to think about their winter holidays. Searches for skiing begin as early as three months before the ski season, and brands are a popular thing. On Google, 58% of winter travel searches are for specific companies or brands.


Move Ahead with Google Analytics


  • 54% of people come across brands through online search.
  • 90% of clicks on search advertisements come from new customers.


Winter Holidays 768x206


What to do:

  • Set Goals – Make sure to keep track of your conversions and set goals based on your currents rates, use this data to see what is working in your favour and aim to increase conversion rates slowly but surely.
  • Use Custom Alerts – Set the alert to inform you whenever traffic falls or rises dramatically, if you recently updated a page and it sees a boost in traffic, try to implement the successful change where applicable, if the edited page sees dramatic drops in traffic, try to undo the changes and steer clear of using those changes in the future.


Looking for Business Opportunities


  • Cookie Recipes – Cookie recipe searches are about to become very popular, 25% of all their searches happen in December.
  • Auto Parts & Services – 2 out of 3 drivers are looking to prepare their vehicle for winter before November, this search peaks during October and November.
  • Cruises – Search density for cruises spike in January, October is a good time to start preparing for this.


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September 2016 – Christmas Prep Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

September – Get in First this Christmas

People love looking forward to Christmas, in fact, 40% of shoppers start their Christmas research as early as the end of October. The Christmas holidays can bring out the adventurous side of people too, with 64% of people open to the idea of purchasing from a new retailer during the festive season.


Move Ahead with Remarketing

  • 90% of consumers switch between screens to complete tasks.
  • Users who switch screens are twice as likely to be influenced by targeted ads.


What to do:

  • Collect Data – Use analytics to get a real-time view of your visitors in order to get an idea of who your most valuable customers are.
  • Optimise your Targeting – Try tailoring your content to the people who have converted on your site or those who have completed goals, such as adding items to their cart or contacting you regarding product details.
  • Expand your Audience – Try bidding on Google ads to appear at the top of the page, during the Christmas shopping period these advertisements are more likely to convert for your business.


Looking for Business Opportunities

  • This year’s most popular Christmas gifts are set to be clothes, toys, and entertainment products, followed closely by watches, jewellery, and electronic gifts.
  • Wearable technology is a new craze that grew in search density by 100% in 2015.
  • Romantic gifts are a popular choice, in 2014 mobile searches for “Christmas gift for boyfriend” increased a month earlier than “Christmas gift for girlfriend”.


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August 2016 – Halloween Prep – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights.

August – Get in the Zone for Halloween

Halloween is getting close, soon enough the kids will be filling the streets trick or treating and the adults will be on their way to parties. Always dressed up, obviously, but not always prepared – 29% of Halloween costume shopping is left until the last minute.


Get Ahead with Mobile

  • 66% of online shoppers look up more product information now than they did a few years back.
  • Mobile conversion rates have increased by 29% in the past year.


Halloween 2016

What to do:

  • Think Local – Since 2011 Google search interest in ‘Near Me’ has increased by 34 times, and 80% of those searches happen on mobile devices.
  • Simple & Relevant – 60% of consumers who look for something on their mobile device visit a shop within a day, 18% of those people make a purchase on that day.
  • Preparation – Think about the scenarios in which people will be searching for your business, don’t forget to factor in generic search trends such as “coffee near me” and “cafes near me” for example.


Looking for Business Opportunities

  • Horror Films – Interest in horror films has grown by 16.28%.
  • Movie Themes Costumes – Halloween outfits based on movie characters have become immensely popular, costumes from Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers all made it into the top 10 last year.
  • Makeup – Search frequencies for makeup spike during this time of the year, half the people dressing up for Halloween will need special effects makeup, 1 in 3 of those people have already started planning their outfits and makeup.


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July 2016 – Back to School Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

Kids are packing their school bags in preparation for heading back to the classroom, and they have their parents giving them a helping hand – 65% of internet users plan to look for uniforms, stationary and other ‘back to school’ products by late July. Back to School search is expected to grow by 19% in 2016.


Revise your YouTube Strategy

  • Video advertising is expected to grow by 21% each year until 2019!
  • 66% of people who purchase beauty products say that YouTube helps them visualise new products before buying them.

Back To School
What to do:

  • Going viral – Think about what going viral is, and what it means for your brand. Use it to your advantage; decide on your main metric and how it’s defined.
  • Prioritise the end user – Imagine watching your video creation on the bus, on your smartphone, with cheap earphones. If you wouldn’t watch your video that way, it needs improvement.
  • Communicate – If you turn off YouTube comments it signals that your brand only sees YouTube as a place for one-way communication, instead of useful and meaningful interaction; don’t be afraid to start a conversation.


Looking for Business Opportunities

  • Homeware/Electrical Appliances – These see a boost in interest when students are getting ready to head back to university.
  • Throws, Pillows & Bedding – Saw a rise of 20% month-on-month in August 2014 due to students deciding to add some colour to their rooms.
  • PE kits – Peaked in August 2014 as kids got prepared for their school activities.

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