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Google announced last year Google that they will release version 4.0 which they’re calling the ‘real-time’ Penguin Algorithm. This update will undoubtedly affect the performance of websites rankings and organic search traffic on Google.


Essentially any websites with bad/poor/spammy links could see demotion a lot quicker than before (real-time updating). Equally, anyone who takes steps to address and remove these links as well as those who build good quality links into their website will see promotions quicker than before.


More information on the algorithm update can be read here on this post and others on Search Engine Land –


Why It’s Important to ALL Businesses with a Website

As mentioned above, the new release of Google’s Real-time Penguin 4.0 will start to see demotions and promotions of websites and their rankings according to whether they have bad/poor links linking into their website.


The effect of this could severely impact businesses that rely on organic search as a main channel for brand awareness, traffic and sales or leads.


As a result it’s vital that you have your backlink profile analysed and any bad links removed or disavowed with Google (getting Google to disregard back links). It’s also important that you get good quality, relevant links coming into your website.


The Solution – Backlink Analysis, Link Removal, Disavow & Building Quality Links

The following process should be deployed by anyone who has a website:

  • Analyse all the existing links coming into your website.
  • Remove any bad links you can either manually or by emailing webmasters to request removal.
  • Create a disavow file and submit this to Google with any links that you are unable to remove.
  • Build more good quality links.
  • Monitor rankings and the effect your positive actions have on your website.
  • Repeat the process every 3-6 months to ensure you aren’t picking up any spammy links.


Odyssey New Media Ltd are vastly experienced in SEO, link analysis, recovery and getting websites better rankings and improved traffic through search engine optimisation.


For anyone concerned about the effect this will have on their website and organic search rankings contact the team at Odyssey New Media directly on 0844 500 6911 or email us on we can help.


About the Author:

Rob Stoubos is the Managing Director & Owner of Odyssey New Media – a leading full service Digital Marketing company based in Birmingham, UK. Rob has been working in digital marketing since 2005 and has helped many UK and international clients improve their sales, return and overall ROI through digital marketing channels.

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