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Google’s Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are about to go through a transitional period, where improvements that are taking place and rolling out over the next few months, will see DSA campaigns drive more relevant traffic.


Dynamic Search Ads, within Google AdWords, are a dynamic way to create and show ads to people who are interested in your business’s products and services. Dynamic Search Ads can do this without the need for your business to manage ads or keywords.


The DSA campaign’s improvements will ensure that your business’s ads will appear in more relevant searches and thus these will have a better performance. For example, ads that point to a landing page about bread makers will be less likely to appear in search results for bread.


Managing the Transition to Dynamic Search Ads

The transitional period may see business’s having fluctuations in the performance of their DSA campaigns. It will be essential during this period to monitor DSA campaigns using the search terms report.


The search terms report can be found on the ‘Auto targets’ tab and this will show you what search terms triggered your business’s Dynamic Search Ads and resulted in a click or click through.


The information showed here can be used to find undesirable searches or landing pages. These searches and pages can be filtered out by adding negative keywords, from the ‘Keywords’ tab, and by using the Dynamic Ad Target Exclusions, found on the ‘Auto targets’ tab.


Essentially, by excluding search queries and pages that are proving unsuccessful, your business will save money.


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