Call Tracking Services

What is Call Tracking and how does it work?

Call tracking is the process by which tracking is installed to understand understand which marketing channels are driving more calls from your website. Our Call tracking service works by using different phone numbers for your different marketing channels. Different phone numbers are assigned to each different marketing channel. When a user visits a website via SEO, PPC, Social Media or another channel the appropriate call tracking number is displayed to the user. If they call, you then have visibility on which channel produced the call.


What can Call Tracking do for Your Business?

1) Greater Tracking Visibility – Call tracking can allow businesses to find out which channels are producing more calls and therefore producing greater value. For example if PPC produces more calls than SEO, then a business may wish to invest more budget on PPC as a result.

2) Understanding ROI – It’s essential to understand the ROI (return on investment) of each marketing channel. For PPC and other forms of ads which require budget, its vital to understand how campaigns, ad groups and even keywords perform and generate calls. Without accurately tracking how many calls are being produced, business owners won’t have maximum visibility on the value of their marketing activities.


Reasons to choose Odyssey New Media’s Call Tracking Services


  • We’re partnered with major call tracking service providers.
  • Call tracking is provided as a low-cost monthly service.
  • Years of experience in call tracking installation and reporting.
  • We’re Google Analytics certified.
  • We can integrate your tracking with your Google Analytics.
  • We provide call reporting to help you understand ROI from each of your marketing channels.

If you want to learn more about our Google Analytics consultancy services, we can offer to you then please get in touch. Call to speak with our Google Analytics consultants today – 0844 500 6911 or email us via our contact page.

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