December 2016 – Sales Prep Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

December 7, 2016

December – Get Prepared for the Post-Christmas Sales

Christmas will soon be here, and so will the January sales. Christmas Day mobile searches related to the after Christmas sales have increased by 74% year on year. Although many shoppers visit physical shops during the sales, 84% of smartphone users still reach for their phones whilst they’re there.


Move Ahead with Remarketing

  • The average CTR for regular display advertising is 0.07%.
  • The average CTR for remarketing display ads is 0.7%.


Christmas Sale Image

What to do:

  • Don’t be Repetitive – Avoid using same copy for existing customers and prospective clients. Ensure that your messages vary depending on customer queries and pages they’ve visited.
  • Frequency Capping – Make sure you’re not bombarding potential customers with advertisements, if your ads are following them everywhere they may feel stalked and your ROI may take a hit.
  • Understand Impact – If you are measuring based on last-click attribution, remarketing can steal credit from other channels, so try to set a lower CPA target for remarketing.


Looking for Business Opportunities

  • Smart Lightbulbs – Smart lightbulbs are becoming very popular, searches are up 36% this year.
  • Smart TVs – During the 2014 Christmas sales, searches for smart TVs grew by 28%, overtaking searches for other TV specs.


–  Google Data, January 2013 to December 2014.
–  Google Data, March 2015.

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