July 2016 – Back to School Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

July 6, 2016

Kids are packing their school bags in preparation for heading back to the classroom, and they have their parents giving them a helping hand – 65% of internet users plan to look for uniforms, stationary and other ‘back to school’ products by late July. Back to School search is expected to grow by 19% in 2016.


Revise your YouTube Strategy

  • Video advertising is expected to grow by 21% each year until 2019!
  • 66% of people who purchase beauty products say that YouTube helps them visualise new products before buying them.

Back To School
What to do:

  • Going viral – Think about what going viral is, and what it means for your brand. Use it to your advantage; decide on your main metric and how it’s defined.
  • Prioritise the end user – Imagine watching your video creation on the bus, on your smartphone, with cheap earphones. If you wouldn’t watch your video that way, it needs improvement.
  • Communicate – If you turn off YouTube comments it signals that your brand only sees YouTube as a place for one-way communication, instead of useful and meaningful interaction; don’t be afraid to start a conversation.


Looking for Business Opportunities

  • Homeware/Electrical Appliances – These see a boost in interest when students are getting ready to head back to university.
  • Throws, Pillows & Bedding – Saw a rise of 20% month-on-month in August 2014 due to students deciding to add some colour to their rooms.
  • PE kits – Peaked in August 2014 as kids got prepared for their school activities.

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