June 2016 – Last-Minute Travel Digital Marketing Tips & Insights

June 23, 2016

When June comes around, many people rush to fit in a short holiday or break before the end of the season and many people turn to online resources to book their ideal holiday destination. 30% of affluent travellers have booked their last-minute breaks using a mobile device.


Move Ahead with Google Analytics

76% of small-medium businesses say visualising narratives makes it a simpler task to understand data and create valuable business insights from analytical numbers.



What to do:

  • Compare time ranges – Whether you look at month over month or season over season, make sure the ranges you set are comparable.
  • Look at the trends – Trends are most valuable, even more so when they change direction.
  • Seek out strong relationships – Keep a look out for correlations in data and strong connections between variables.


Looking for Business Opportunities

  • Holiday Luggage – Luggage reaches search peak in July & August – This was a rise of 7.53% in 2014 compared to 2013.
  • Outdoor Music Festivals – Festivals reach their search peak in June – Interest in festivals rose by 5.97% in 2015.


Data Sources:
– Google Trends, 2014-2016.
– Google/Ipsos OTX Media CT, 2014.


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