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What is Landing Page Design?

A landing page is the first page visitors see when they arrive at a website. It is important to have a consistent design across all landing pages, even though they may contain different elements. Creating a uniform and visually appealing landing page design can be a challenge, but it is necessary to make a strong impression on visitors.

Our Landing Page Design Services Include

  • Responsive Website Designs
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • WordPress Installation & Setup Services
  • Website Hosting
  • Analytics & Tracking Installation
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Plus many other Landing Page Design services available…

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With over 10 years of experience in web design, web development, and digital marketing, we have a deep understanding of how to maximise your benefits.

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No matter the type of project, from an ecommerce web design to banner design or even regular web development, we always accept and value your input and opinion.

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We have extensive knowledge of digital marketing, allowing us to understand what search engines consider important when ranking websites and what they avoid.

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What does good Landing Page Design consist of?

Many things can be considered as part of the landing page design; however the ideal landing page design is specific to each website. Some factors however can be universal for the majority of sites, including:

• Intent – Capture attention instantly with a straightforward and compelling statement, ensuring that every visitor grasps the purpose of the landing page immediately.

• Call to action – Create a captivating call to action on your website to engage visitors and keep them interested. This essential feature is found on well-designed web pages and is utilised by countless successful websites.

• Reporting – place a feature within the landing page design, tracking any activity, this’ll allow you to monitor the success of the landing page design and can show you where improvements are needed.

• Knowledge – add as much appealing information (sales, reviews, endorsements, testimonials) as you can. Your landing page design will then remove any doubt in the mind of the doubter. The more information about the website on the webpage design the more chance of them converting.


Benefits of Using Odyssey New Media for Landing Page Designs

As a leading digital marketing agency, Odyssey New Media has extensive expertise in optimising websites for both customers and search engines. With a decade of experience, we have successfully served clients like Coop Memorials and Where’s the Match. Our team is skilled in creating landing pages that engage your target audience and prompt them to connect with you. Let us transform your landing page into a powerful tool for driving conversions.

Our satisfied clients can attest to our ability to improve your landing page design and increase both your conversion rates and search ranking. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can optimise your webpage design, boost conversions, or improve your search ranking, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also visit our conversion and SEO services pages for more information.

To speak to a member of the Odyssey New Media team about our landing page design service call us on 0844 500 6911 or feel free to email via our contact us page.

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