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What is PPC? (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Pay Per Click Advertising means that for each click an internet advert receives there is a cost (i.e. cost per click). Advertisers you see appearing in search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing often use this model of paying for each click they received which then goes through to their website.

Our PPC Services Include

  • Campaign & Account Setup
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Ad Copy Writing
  • Bid Management
  • Negative Keyword Management
  • Analytics setup, customisation and goal tracking
  • Performance tracking and analysis
  • Google Ads Training, Strategies and Implementation
  • Plus many other PPC services available…

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Why Choose Odyssey New Media

A Digital Marketing Company with a Full Range of Services

Years of Experience

We have over 15 years of collective experience in managing and improving PPC campaigns.

Qualified Partners

We are Google certified AdWords experts and we are also Bing qualified PPC consultants.


We develop personalised PPC strategies that cater to your need and your budget.

What PPC Management Elements are Involved?

There are a range of areas that require careful monitoring and management in order to have a successful PPC campaign:

1) PPC Campaign Budget – The total budget must be managed to ensure PPC campaigns don’t overspend on what has been agreed.
2) PPC Tracking – it is essential everything is tracked properly from day one so you have a clear view on what return you are getting from your PPC campaigns.
3) Keyword CPC bids – Cost-per-click bids on individual search keywords must be managed closely to ensure you are not paying more than required.
4) Keyword Quality Scores – Every keyword in a campaign is given a quality score which can reduce bid costs. Ad text, CTR and landing page relevancy affect this score.
5) Landing Pages – Where you send your PPC traffic to is important, landing pages must be analysed to ensure good conversion rates once users come through to your website.

We have acquired years of experience managing PPC campaigns for many businesses in many industries. We always aim to lower your PPC costs while maximising your sales.


Our PPC Agency Qualifications, Accreditations and Software

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