Display Advertising

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising refers to online adverts that display a feature, whether visual, audio or video content. It allows businesses to increase their website traffic and popularity by advertising it for others to see; usually these display ads accompany a piece of content on a specific page that is usually relevant to your advertiser’s website.


What is the Google Display Network?

Display advertising is a popular form of paid digital marketing, so popular in fact that Google themselves have a network for display ads, called Google Display Network. The Google Display Network, as well as display advertising in general, allows you to reach new customers on different platforms, have control over where your advertisements appear and gives your business opportunity to be engaged with from individuals who would otherwise not be interested.


The Different Types of Display Ads

There are five main types of display ad which also come in four different display sizes.

  • Video Display Ads – These are extremely common among a great number of websites. When the display ad appears a video starts to play immediately. These videos tend to be general adverts, similar to those seen on television, or vlogs and content from video-focused social media platforms (such as YouTube).
  • Sponsorship Display Ads – These display ads typically include a company logo, product and name. Mainly used to create brand awareness and, in some cases, is a form of remarketing.
  • Overlaying Display Ads – These display advertisements are features that cover the webpage they are featuring upon, either entirely or partially. The main purpose of this form of display ads is to get engagements with the advertiser as online users cannot continue using the page without engaging with the advert.
  • Interstitial Display Ads – Similarly to Overlaying display ads users must engage with the advertisement before they can continue to view the page they intend to. However these display adverts appear before the page is loaded.
  • Rich Media Ads – Rich Media Ads require users to engage with the display ad before becoming fully active (polite), usually containing audio or video, Rich Media Ads can sometimes be triggered automatically (impolite).


The Right and Wrong Way to Use Display Ads

When display advertising campaigns lack strategy and display ads are placed on random websites they garner very little success, due to the rising popularity of software such as Adblock.

Odyssey New Media craft display advertising strategies specific to your business, wants and needs. When done correctly display advertising can do incredible things for a business.

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