Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing and why do I need Mobile Marketing Services?

Mobile marketing is an area of marketing that focuses solely upon marketing products, businesses and services through mobile devices. The benefit of mobile marketing, as oppose to traditional and internet marketing, is that it allows you to reach audiences whilst they are on the go; instead of sitting at a computer or travelling past a billboard. It allows you to cater your audience reach using filters such as location, time and activity.


The Different Mobile Marketing Services Available

The term mobile marketing refers to a number of different services targeted to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

  • Mobile Responsive Websites – More and more people use their mobile devices to browse the web each and every day. It is thought that in 2015 more people browse using their mobile devices than on a desktop computer. Having a mobile responsive website allows your business to extend its reach further than ever before. Odyssey New Media’s team includes a group of experienced mobile web design and development experts.
  • Mobile App Marketing – As smartphones are now the most common mobile device, interest in marketing through various mobile applications has risen massively in the last few years. Between getting your own mobile app development team to build you a custom app and advertising on mobile apps of others, app-based marketing is bigger than ever-before.
  • SMS Marketing – SMS messaging has been a popular form of mobile marketing for over a decade. A simple message to your customer’s mobile informing them of any offers and deals. Although SMS marketing campaigns are not liked by some, on average SMS messages are picked up within 4 minutes of reception, making SMS marketing one of the quickest and most convertible forms of mobile marketing.
  • MMS Marketing – Similar to SMS mobile marketing, MMS marketing sends the advertisement directly to the phone of your desired audience. But instead of a text-only message, MMS messages includes some sort of multimedia (audio, images or video).
  • Smartphone Push Notifications – Since the introduction of the iPhone and other Apple mobile devices, push notifications have become one of the biggest and most efficient forms of mobile marketing. A push notification literally pushes a notification from an app onto the screen of your customers mobile devices. Push notifications are efficient at keep your business in your customers mind by giving them reminders every now and again.
  • QR Codes – A QR code is a two-dimensional image that your audiences can scan using their mobile devices, by scanning them it can send them directly to your website, Facebook or Twitter page or even trigger a phone call, email or text directly to you (thus bridging the gap between the business owner and your customers). All a consumer needs to become a part of your QR code audience is a QR scanner, which are extremely common on mobile devices. Because of the easy accessibility and usage of QR codes they can be placed anywhere; from leaflets, to social media platforms, on your website, even on your vehicle. Want to see how good Odyssey New Media are at creating useful QR codes? Scan ours below and see for yourself.

QR Code

The most optimum form of mobile marketing is consistently changing due to technological developments, which is why it is important to have an experienced and successful team of marketing experts by your side.

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