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Why do business owners need SEO Analysis?

Very often business owners launch websites that haven’t been developed with SEO in mind, or their website was founded on old SEO standards. In both cases, the requirement is that the website needs to be brought up to current SEO standards to ensure they are maximising their SEO ranking potential. Google and the other search engines change their ranking algorithms all the time and it is important to periodically check that all the SEO technical elements and other elements are covered.

Our SEO experts can perform our Advanced SEO Audit which can unearth any major issues which might be hindering your website from ranking as highly as it should be. The Odyssey New Media Advanced SEO Audit covers on-site SEO factors as well as server-side checks which are often overlooked by many web development and other SEO companies.

Our SEO Services Include

  • Advanced SEO Keyphrase research
  • Advanced SEO Auditing
  • Advanced white-hat SEO Target Site Link Building
  • Advanced SEO Reporting Setup and Management
  • SEO Link Detox analysis and link disavowing
  • SEO Content Development
  • Analytics setup, customisation and goal tracking
  • Onsite usability tracking and analysis
  • Social Media Training, Strategies and Implementation
  • Plus many other SEO services available…

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Why Choose Odyssey New Media

A Digital Marketing Company with a Full Range of Services


We are honest from day one about service and expectations. We have a proven track record with a range of existing clients from various industries.

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From day one, we look at improving your website traffic and your ROI (Return on Investment), whilst also deploying on-going SEO.

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We develop personalised SEO strategies and plans that cater to your need and your budget. We have years of experience and success with SEO management services.

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What core areas are analysed as part of SEO Analysis and the Advanced SEO Audit?

We analyse a whole range of factors, here is a summary of what is analysed during SEO analysis by our SEO experts:

  1. On-Site SEO – We analyse your website and server-side SEO to identify areas in need of improvement. Areas analysed include: titles & meta-descriptions, onsite content, keyphrase density, mobile and desktop site speed and much more.
  2. Off-Site SEO and Referral Backlinks – As part of our SEO analysis, we will analyse your backlinks profile and highlight if it requires attention. Very often an additional SEO link detox is required to remove bad links. We will also perform gap analysis to show you how your link profile compares with your competitors’ link profiles.
  3. Social Metrics – Google and the other search engines use Social Media as an indicator of brand authority and popularity. Brands which have more followers, more post likes, more reviews, more engagement and visits from social profiles generally rank better. Google and the other search engines use Social Metrics because it is hard to fake engagement. Therefore it is important that companies and brands invest in social media management in order to improve their SEO authority and rankings.
  4. On-Site Usability Metrics – How users behave once they visit your website through organic search as well as other channels is vitally important to how your website ranks in the SERPS. SEO means having great usability and therefore work is required to improve your onsite usability metrics. Our SEO experts will highlight areas for improvement, areas include – avg. time on website, bounce rates, site speed and more.


Reasons to get Odyssey New Media to perform SEO Analysis and SEO Auditing

Our SEO experts have 20 years combined experience and we have helped businesses grow their organic search (SEO) visibility, traffic and sales with our expert SEO services. With our proven, methodology and techniques Odyssey New Media can help your business get top positions in the search engines and grow your organic traffic.

  • We are honest from day one – SEO is a long-term strategy.
  • We are realistic – We do not promise top results for terms if they don’t appear to be achievable.
  • We look at improving your traffic and ROI (Return On Investment) from day one while deploying SEO.
  • We look at ‘quick wins’ and strategies that can help you get better ROI vs. SEO spend.
  • We don’t just ignore long-tail search – content development is essential.
  • We don’t just focus on obtaining links – this is just one part of getting rankings and SEO.
  • We remember that Search Engine Optimisation means usability. We give you recommendations and clear evidence to help you improve your website for usability and hence this can help you increase the conversion rate of the traffic you already have.

If you want to learn more about the SEO services we can offer to you then please get in touch. Call to speak with our SEO experts today – 0844 500 6911 or email us via our contact page.

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