Link Detox

Why is SEO Link Detox Required?

Link detox is the term given to the analysis and removal of bad (toxic) links which are linking in to a website. Many website owners have toxic links coming into their website and aren’t even aware. Google and other search engines can penalise a website which is associated with these bad links and this can greatly affect organic search key phrase ranking positions. – In other words, you want to ensure that you have no bad links coming into your website so that you can rank higher.

My website rankings are being affected by bad/toxic links – How can Odyssey New Media help?


  • Ideally a link detox is required regardless of whether you think you’re rankings are being penalised by bad links or not.
  • Unless your website has no links at all or is a brand new website, you could be being penalised to some level for having bad/toxic links linking in to your website.
  • Many website owners have no idea how many bad links are linking into their website. Sometimes these links have accumulated over many years and can number into the 100s or even 1000s!
  • We have software that lets us extract all the links linking into their website so that we can then analyse all the links and try to remove them.
  • Our trained SEO experts are very experienced at analysing your entire backlink profile, identifying and removing the offending links so that you can cut your website free of the deadweight of bad/toxic links.


What is the process involved for SEO Link Analysis, Backlink Removal and Disavow?


The general process involved in SEO link analysis, backlink removal and disavow includes:

  1. Extract all backlinks reported from Google through Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Combine this with backlink data we acquire through the use of our SEO link analysis software.
  3. Manually analyse all links and categorise them (i.e. bad, poor, good etc.)
  4. Review the bad backlinks with the client and reach an agreement with regards to the links to be removed (usually clients agree when they see how bad some of the links are).
  5. Email the offending websites requesting removal of the bad/poor backlinks.
  6. Collate a disavow file for submissions to Google.
  7. Submit the disavow file to Google so that bad/poor links are ignored.

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