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What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is a form of direct communication through social media. Unlike standard social media management, which is free for the business owner, social media advertising does not aim to grow a following naturally through content and typical engagement, for a small cost social media advertising can allow you to speak directly to your target audience.

Our Social Media Services Include

  • Social Profile Setup
  • Social Media Planning
  • Social Post Management
  • Social Ads Setup
  • Social Ads Management
  • Content Syndication
  • Social Content Development
  • Analytics setup, customisation and goal tracking
  • ✔ Social Media Training, Strategies and Implementation
  • Plus many other Social Media services available…

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Why Choose Odyssey New Media

A Digital Marketing Company with a Full Range of Services


We are honest from day one about service and expectations. We have a proven track record with a range of existing clients from various industries.

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We closely manage your social media profiles and platforms. We also offer a high quality social media setup service.

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We create personalised social media strategies and plans for all budgets. We have years of experience and success with social media advertising.

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What types of Social Media Advertising are there?

Social media advertising appears differently depending on the platform used; for example:

  • Facebook advertising – on Facebook a business can grow their following by means of posting content and interacting with the hope of receiving engagement. If you were to start advertising on Facebook by means of their Facebook ads you’d be able to put your completely custom created Facebook ad, or sponsored post, in front of the eyes of a certain demographic; in the hope that your conversion rate will increase.
  • Twitter advertising – as on Facebook, Twitter profiles grow naturally through content and social tools like the hashtag. However there is a feature like Facebook ads that will allow you to advertise on Twitter, namely Twitter ads. Working in a similar way to ads on Facebook, advertising on Twitter will allow you to get your content out to more people who you want to reach to.
  • YouTube advertising – advertising on YouTube, unlike if you were to advertise on Facebook or create a Twitter ad, is particularly unique option of advertising through social media. You will only have to pay when people watch your YouTube ad and you can also choose which demographics and audiences your YouTube ads can be seen by. If a business were to advertise on YouTube they could also build up a substantial following if audiences find the content engaging.

Social media advertising on each platform requires knowledge of the platform and the suitability of the advertising for your particular business. We will be able to inform you whether things like, LinkedIn advertising, Instagram advertising, Pinterest advertising and Google Plus advertising is right for your business.


Why do I need Social Media Advertising?

Through means of social media management you may be able to grow your social profiles reach and gain a great deal of new followers; however there is no guarantee that the new people you want are the perfect customers for your business. Social media advertising platforms, like LinkedIn ads or Instagram ads, allows you to handpick who views your impressions by elements such as: gender, age, location.

Social media advertising allows you to get those quick wins and can give you an immediate ROI if done correctly; which is why we are here to help.


Why should I use Odyssey New Media for my Social Media Advertising?

From day one Odyssey New Media will keep you updated with process and whilst giving you 100% control. We will offer our advice, based on years of experience, so you know what the best action will be at any point in time with you campaign.

Odyssey New Media is a Birmingham based digital marketing agency that specialises in numerous areas, including SEO and PPC. If you are in need or are contemplating getting your business on social media or looking to advertise on social media, give us a call on 0844 500 6911 and speak to one of our friendly staff or alternatively you can email us.


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Whether you are thinking of trialling Social Media for the first time, or you need advice on how to improve your current Social Media efforts we are happy to discuss your future or current Social Media campaigns and collate a free Social Media audit with recommendations. Please contact one of our Social Media specialists for a FREE Social Media audit today –CONTACT US.

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