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What is Social Media?

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to connect and engage with others all over the world regardless of time and location. More and more people are taking advantage of the numerous platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs, with users sharing updates, content and engaging in conversations with other like-minded individuals.

For businesses, social media offers a great opportunity to reach out to new customers and engage with existing ones – increasing sales and brand loyalty in the process. By creating an effective strategy for social media marketing (SMM), businesses can gain a competitive edge over their competitors by targeting various demographics with tailored messages that resonate with their target audiences. Through careful analysis and observation of trends across all social channels, businesses can identify the best strategies for reaching out to potential customers.

Our Social Media Services Include

  • Social Profile Setup
  • Social Media Planning
  • Social Post Management
  • Social Ads Setup
  • Social Ads Management
  • Content Syndication
  • Social Content Development
  • Analytics setup, customisation and goal tracking
  • ✔ Social Media Training, Strategies and Implementation
  • Plus many other Social Media services available…

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Why Choose Odyssey New Media

A Digital Marketing Company with a Full Range of Services


We are honest from day one about service and expectations. We have a proven track record with a range of existing clients from various industries.

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We closely manage your social media profiles and platforms. We also offer a high-quality social media setup service.

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We create personalised social media strategies and plans for all budgets. We have years of experience and success with social media advertising.

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Why do you need Social Media Services?

Communication has come a long way in recent years, resulting in a drastic alteration in the ways businesses communicate. In the past, the primary communication channels consisted of one-on-one conversations and traditional marketing strategies that broadcasted one-to-many messages. Nowadays, though, many-to-many connections have become possible through the rise of social media. Businesses have taken to these platforms to reach out to both their current and potential customers with ease. By utilising social media marketing tools and services, companies can effectively create direct links with individuals as well as multiple groups of people at once.

As of the start of 2015, there were nearly 2.1 billion active social media profiles, in comparison to the global population of over 7.2 billion people. It is more than likely that people who your business is trying to reach out to are present on at least one social media platform.

A business may use social media in different ways, some may use it as way for customers to keep up with business news and updates, whilst others may use it as a complete customer service portal.


There are three main benefits of a business having a social media presence:

  • Customer Interaction – Some companies, big or small, use platforms like Twitter and Facebook to respond to customer posts and updates directly. This will give the customers and clients more reasons to engage with your business profiles.
  • Sales Conversations – If your business has a good social presence as well as a decent following, then your social media profiles have the potential to drive existing and new customers to your website or to pick up the phone.
  • Branding – The biggest benefit of social media advertising and social media management is branding. Social media can boost a brand in the eyes of customers like no other medium. Many businesses offer competitions via social media to drive new brand followers. Others continuously post high-quality content for their audiences.


Social Media Services offered by Odyssey New Media

Odyssey New Media offer the following social media services for businesses:

At Odyssey New Media, we understand that every business is different and that managing social media and other marketing campaigns can be a time-consuming task. That’s why we offer free consultancy and auditing services to help businesses improve their social media presence. With our expertise in the field of social media marketing, we can provide tailored advice and solutions to meet your business needs.


What is the usual Social Media Management process?

    1. Social Profile Selection – We decide using our knowledge of the industry which platforms your business is suited and not suited for.
    2. Social Media Setup – At this stage we will begin setting up all social media profiles and integrating them.
    3. Links from Social – Addition of links from your new platforms to your website (recommended).
    4. Industry Profile Connection – Follow/Like/Interact with professional profiles of key people or businesses in your chosen industry.
    5. Social Media Planning – Creation of a specific social media plan as part of your social media management.
    6. Social Media Reporting – Use social media analytics and reporting to record results and compile them into a report for you to see changes and growth.

Odyssey New Media are a specialist digital marketing agency based in Birmingham, UK with a wealth of social media experience as well as other digital marketing services.

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