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Social Media Profiles Require Setup

Although using social media maybe fairly simply for both an individual and a business. For a business, sometimes the hardest part of using social media is the social media setup process. Although it may seem very simple as there are a lot of existing businesses on Facebook and Twitter and all of those would have had to go through the Facebook setup process or would have had to set up Twitter, sometimes your business may need to have a slightly different social media setup depending on the business and the platform.


Why do I need to setup Social Media platforms?

Social media is a great tool to generate new customers as well as massively increase brand awareness and having an account can benefit any business. Setting up social media platforms for business use can sometimes be a difficult task, as often, business owners do not see the business set up option, or are not aware of the difference between personal and business accounts. This error causes your social media setup to give you a personal page for an individual. Many businesses operate their social functions through this type of an account due to mistakes made whilst setting up their social media account on a particular platform. Businesses that do mistakenly make mistakes in the social media setup phase cause their business to not only look very unprofessional, but will cut of a large portion, if not all, of your desired demographic.


Why do I need Odyssey New Media when Setting up Social Media?

Odyssey New Media have a vast knowledge of social media and all the ways in can help a business. If you are wary of setting up social media, or do not know how to set up social media accounts, Odyssey New Media is here to help. We can set up social media for your business on the appropriate platforms, correctly first time. We can also help your business if when setting up social media in the past you have made mistakes or encounter errors. We will make sure you have access to a fully functioning, appropriate social media account(s).

Odyssey New Media will also provide you with a personalised banner and profile picture, sized perfectly for the social media platform (example: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).

To find out what other social media services we can offer your business click here. If you are looking for support after setting up social media please look into our social media management service.

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Get a FREE Social Media Consultancy or Social Media Audit

Whether you are thinking of trialling Social Media for the first time, or you need advice on how to improve your current Social Media efforts we are happy to discuss your future or current Social Media campaigns and collate a free Social Media audit with recommendations. Please contact one of our Social Media specialists for a FREE Social Media audit today –CONTACT US.

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