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Why do I need Web Design & Web Development?

With search engines like Google always changing the way they prioritise websites in their rankings it is very important to know what they are looking for in a website. Previously search engine optimisation processes consisted a number of things, but not website design and website development. To have any success with a website in the today’s world you will need a very proficient web design and web development company.


Why use Odyssey New Media for Web design & Web Development Services?

Odyssey New Media, unlike other web design companies, provide these numerous web design services for websites or businesses alike. There are many benefits for a business if they were to choose Odyssey New Media as their web design company or their web development company; these include:


  • SEO-Friendly Design (Search Engine Friendly) – By having a vast understanding of the digital marketing landscape we are able to know what search engines look for when ranking websites as well as what they don’t want to see. By doing this you’ll be receiving benefit from our services well after you’ve had your regular website or ecommerce web design developed.
  • Client Input – No matter what the project from an ecommerce web design, banner design or even regular web development we always accept and value your input and opinion. We do this for two reasons; firstly it allows you to feel like the finished product are well and truly yours and it gives you ample opportunity to change any decisions along the way.
  • Reliability – From day one we tell you the truth in regards to results and expectations. We pride ourselves on being trusted and reliable no matter the job.
  • Experience – We have been working in the web design, web development and digital marketing fields for over 10 years so we have a great understanding of what will benefit you the most.
  • Tested Functionality – Before we give you the finished product we ensure that it works and put it through a rigorous testing process so you can walk away happy.

If you want to know exactly how we can help your business grow by means of web design, web development or technical support in any sense feel free to contact us on 0844 500 6911 or alternatively you can get in contact with our staff by email.


Web Design & Web Development Services our company offers

Although many people assume that web design and web development refers only to the traditional design and development of a website, the true extent of the web design and web development field can be very wide and common. Aside from our regular website design and website development services we offer a number of other useful services you may be in need of; namely:

Mobile Web Design – In the modern age of technology more and more people are using handheld devices and using them for browsing the internet. Having a mobile-friendly or mobile website can serve you well and may even help with your mobile search rankings.

Mobile App Development – More and more businesses and websites are branching out into mobile apps, so mobile app development is in high demand with a number of businesses wanting to reach their customers without them ever browsing the internet.

Ecommerce Web Design – If a business, that does not have a shop front, wants to sell online ecommerce websites and ecommerce web design is vital. An ecommerce web design company who are experienced like Odyssey means you can be assured that you’ll have a an online shop front where customers can browse through your products or services.

Ecommerce Web Development – ecommerce web development can be a very technical and complicated process. The Odyssey New Media team however have experience and will be able to deliver you your ecommerce web design in a reasonable amount of time.

Landing Page Design – Bespoke or consistent landing page designs are a good way of boosting your landing page conversion potential and search engine optimisation. In addition we always aim to ensure that the webpage design is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for your website users.

Banner Design – If you’re looking for a banner for your website, social profiles or advertising channels, the Odyssey New Media designers can provide you with either an interactive or a non-interactive banner designs for your website. As mentioned, we can also provide unique and specific banner designs for social media profiles (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) as well as other marketing channels and platforms (e.g. Email and Etsy).

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