Landing Page Design

What is Landing Page Design?

A landing page is a webpage that primarily serves as an entry point for a website. When a visitor arrives on your website it is the page they land on. Most websites will have numerous landing pages so the landing page design or the webpage design must be consistent across them all. However with each page looking different with contrasting things on them, it can sometimes be difficult to have a good consistent landing page design across each landing page.


What does good Landing Page Design consist of?

Many things can be considered as part of the landing page design; however the ideal landing page design is specific to each website. Some factors however can be universal for the majority of sites, including:

Intent – A clear and concise statement so anyone who lands on the page knows what the landing page is about immediately.

Call to action – Introduce a call to action so that the person who has landed on your website furthers their interest. This is a common feature found in a good webpage design and is used in the landing page design of a great number of websites.

Reporting – place a feature within the landing page design, tracking any activity, this’ll allow you to monitor the success of the landing page design and can show you where improvements are needed.

Knowledge – add as much appealing information (sales, reviews, endorsements, testimonials) as you can. Your landing page design will then remove any doubt in the mind of the doubter. The more information about the website on the webpage design the more chance of them converting.


Why Choose Odyssey New Media for your Landing Page Design?

Odyssey New Media, as a specialist digital marketing agency, have a wide understanding of what makes a website work and look better in the eyes of customers and search engines, from SEO to webpage design. With over 10 years of experience we have helped the likes of Coop Memorials and Where’s the Match; we will be able to cater your landing page design to the expectations of your audiences and create a landing page that’ll get your demographic getting in contact with you.

All of our clients will agree when we say we can help you improve your landing page design, increasing both your conversion and natural search ranking. To enquire how else we can improve your webpage design, conversion or ranking get in contact or see our conversion and SEO services pages.


To speak to a member of the Odyssey New Media team about our landing page design service call us on 0844 500 6911 or feel free to email via our contact us page.

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