Mobile App Development

What are Mobile Apps?

Mobile Applications have been around from the early days of mobile phones in the 90s as consumers began pushing for more features on phones and games. Since the release of the original Apple iPhone in 2007 mobile applications have featured increasingly on mobile smartphones to become part of many user’s daily life.

Mobile apps are usually small items of software designed to run on mobile devices. They often provide useful tools, games, website interfaces and most importantly access to business services. So many people take their mobiles everywhere with them so by developing a business mobile application, businesses can provide services and connect directly with customers wherever they are and on the move.


Mobile Applications for Business and their Advantages

Mobile applications on both mobiles and tablets can be used to serve both your new & existing customers as well as assisting with your own internal business processes. The beauty of mobile phone applications is that they are portable due to the fact many people have a mobile or tablet device already.

Providing Mobile Apps & Marketing to Customers – In 2015, 51% of the global population own a mobile phone with many of these users owning a smartphone that can support mobile applications. This means that by having a useful mobile application developed for your business means you can connect with your clients on a more regular basis as well as opening up a channel to market to new and existing clients.

Mobile Applications for Business – Businesses often rely on being able to communicate, deliver or process data fast and take orders and payment on the move. Providing

Business Mobile Applications on mobile phones or tablets can be used to provide staff with tools, data and information delivery systems for businesses which in turn boost productivity, delivery times and profits.


Our Mobile Application Services

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Why Choose Odyssey New Media for your Mobile App Development?

Odyssey New Media are a digital marketing company who can also provide mobile application development. We can sit down with your business and help you outline exactly how a mobile application can benefit your business as well as help you understand if there is a strong business case for developing one.

To find out more about our mobile development services click here or contact us on 0844 500 6911 or alternatively you can get in contact us by email.

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