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Who are Marval

Established since 1989, Marval Software (www.marval.co.uk) are acknowledged by both the ITSM industry and by its customers as being one of the best and most experienced Solutions Providers for IT Service Management.

Marval deliver web-based ITIL® process compliant integrated IT Service Management software.  It also provides ITSM consultancy and ITSM education services.


How We Helped

Odyssey New Media has assisted Marval Software since 2010.  During this time we have helped Marval significantly improve its cross-channel marketing efforts.

Odyssey has assisted Marval in improving the following core digital channels:

  • Search marketing – SEO & PPC (as well as their Social Media).
  • Analysis and consultancy on website development.
  • Consultancy on website re-designs and re-development.
  • Conversion Rate enhancement analysis and recommendations.


The focus has been, and continues to be, on generating quality leads and enquiries throughout the website.

Business Challenges & Goals:

  • Primary goals included:
    • Improve SEO efforts and increase organic search rankings.
    • Improve PPC efforts and increase leads from advertisements.
    • Improve ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) with a focus on quality leads.
    • Improve Social Media efforts and increase followers.
    • Improve website usability and conversion rate.
    • Increase overall website traffic.
    • Increase overall online leads.


  • Secondary goals included:
    • Increase brand awareness.
    • Increase organic search visibility.


Services Provided by Odyssey New Media:

  • SEO Setup & Management
  • PPC Setup & Management
  • Social Media consultancy & training
  • Website Design Consultancy
  • Usability Consultancy
  • Conversion Enhancement Consultancy
  • Reporting & Analysis


"The team at Odyssey New Media have always provided us with an excellent service. They have really helped us improve our traffic and leads from SEO, PPC and Social Media channels over the years. In additon they have provided us with expert guidance on new website builds and updates. We would recommend Rob and Odyssey New Media to anyone who wants to improve their Digital Marketing efforts."

Greg Pritchett, Managing Director of Marval Software Ltd

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